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Anil T. Bharvaney, one of the 9/11 victims

On this anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy...

I signed up to write about one of the victims, thru Project 2996, and the person I have been asked to remember is Anil T. Bharvey...

Anil T. Bharvaney was one of the victims from the World Trade Center's north tower.  He was attending the financial technology conference at Windows on the World that day.  It was at the age of 41 that the life of this successful and intelligent man was cut short.

Born in India, Anil was raised in Japan and educated in North America.  He received an MBA, specializing in Computer Applications and Information Systems / International Business at New York University, which is where he met his wife Po.  Anil rose to the position of Senior Vice President of Equities Trading for Instinet Corporation.  He was well-repected amongst his colleagues and known to be a humble, intelligent and soft-spoken man.

A great interest of Anil's was music, especially classical jazz.  He had played trumpet and an electric keyboard when he was younger, and listening to CD's was an easy and relaxing hobby of his throughout his life.  He had shared with his wife, Po, a dream to someday help dedicated young musicians study their art. But, tragically, Anil didn't live to see his dream come true.

Following Anil's death, Po decided to establish The Anil Bharvaney Memorial Fund in Music Education, an endowed fund to provide financial assistance to aspiring musicians and to further develop the jazz component of the Young Artist Program at Westminster Conservatory in Princeton, New Jersey.

More information about this wonderful fund can be found here  http://www.anilbharvaney.org/



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Sep. 11th, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
Nicely done.

I honor Christopher Paul Slattery (http://penthaslist.blogspot.com/2009/09/in-memoriam-reprise.html).
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