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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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Jun. 30th, 2015


This month's daily sample of Google Top News...

Alexis Tsipras 13
Syria 6
Copa América 6
Pope Francis 5
Vladimir Putin 5
Turkey 5
Apple Inc. 5
Charleston 5
Gaza Strip 5
FC Barcelona 4
England 4
Yemen 4
U.S. Open (golf) 4
Andy Murray 4
Eurozone 4
David Cameron 4
Iran 4
Wimbledon 4
Tunisia 4
Boko Haram 4

Mar. 31st, 2015

March's top Google news (sampled once per day):

Jeremy Clarkson 11
Manchester United F.C. 11
Boko Haram 10
Apple Inc. 10
Iran 10
Chelsea F.C. 8
Yemen 8
Lee Kuan Yew 8
Liverpool F.C. 7
Vladimir Putin 7
Lewis Hamilton 7
Germanwings 6
Arsenal F.C. 6
Boris Nemtsov 6
Ebola virus disease 5
Solar eclipses 5
Vanuatu 5
Six Nations Championship 5
Cricket 5
David Cameron 5
Tunisia 4
European Central Bank 4
Rape 4
FC Barcelona 4
Tikrit 4
Zayn Malik 4

Dec. 31st, 2014

I've sampled Google News nearly every day (once a day) and found the top news for December to be:

Sony Corporation 15
Arsenal F.C. 11
Liverpool F.C. 11
Manchester United F.C. 11
Chelsea F.C. 10
Vladimir Putin 8
Ebola virus disease 8
Police 6
Ukraine 6
Phillip Hughes 5
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 5
Torture 5
Taliban 4
Palestinian people 4
Philippines 4
Cuba 4
Aston Villa F.C. 4
AirAsia 4

Dec. 1st, 2014

I decided to check Google news once a day for the month of November and see what came up as the "top news" stories... So I did it, and managed to remember to do it 20 days out of 30... so here are the top ones I happened to see in my daily sampling...

Ebola virus disease 8
Liverpool F.C. 7
Manchester United F.C. 7
Arsenal F.C. 6
Ukraine 6
Iran 5
Lewis Hamilton 5
Burkina Faso 4
Chelsea F.C. 4
Manchester City F.C. 4
Virgin Galactic 4
Vladimir Putin 4
Band Aid 3
Immigration 3
Jerusalem 3
Police 3
Pope Francis 3
Roger Federer 3
Shinzo Abe 3
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 3
UK Independence Party 3
United Nations 3

Why did I do this? Because I like lists... and I like the news...

Aug. 15th, 2014

I feel like I should do something with my life. Write a book. Or a book of poems. Or paint pictures. Or play the guitar. Not just work at some job.

I do have a "life's work"... which is my hard copy journal that I've kept since 1986... 93 volumes... but I feel I should turn it into something maybe. Is it really very interesting, tho? Most of it nowadays contains news clippings about this and that... Iraq and Ebola and Vladimir Putin and whatever. Not very interesting... altho I edit out the REALLY uninteresting bits.

I'm more of an editor than a writer. I'm too lazy to be a writer. Lazy on the one hand, but even if I wasn't, I don't feel I really have enough time for myself to be a writer. Even tho I'm unemployed at the moment.

September 2000

Catching up on chronicling past journal goings-on... This is September 2000... a little over 10 years ago... Living in Dumfries, working in Glasgow as an engineer at the shipyard.

Sept 8... documented the results of a beer contest... out of 32 beers, I narrowed it down to the final four: Belhaven Best Ale, Pilsner Urquell, Castle Lager and Guinness Original Stout... and the winner was Belhaven Best Ale (with Guinness as runner-up).

Sept 10... Ride and walk in Mabie forest... other subjects include the Kursk tragedy, Britney Spears, Sinead O'Connor comes out as a lesbian, mostly catching up on old stuff I had clipped out, which interested me...

Sept 11... more junk... Hitler's skull, Charlie Chaplin, Cuba, Vikings, pictures of Guid Nychburris in Dumfries, Burns poetry... etc etc

Sept 13... Britain is having the worst fuel crisis in 25 years... Protesters are blockading refineries... "Looks like I'm going to have to stay up in Glasgow during the week next week."... stuff about George W. Bush, Run-DMC, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin, the usual...

Sept 17... Fuel protest ended, Sydney Olympics started, a look at music charts in the '60's...


Well, you know how I like to make lists and to form Halls of Fame, etc... So here are some more "newsmakers" over the past two months who have been immortalised in my list of favorites...

Vladimir Putin (first Russian in the NMHoF)

Climate Change (first "issue" in the NMHoF)

Tom Cruise (because I look like him)

George HW Bush (3rd ex-president on the list)

Martin Luther King (first dead person)

Jim Rice (first baseball player)

Dustin Hoffman (3rd actor to make it)

Washington DC (3rd location on the list)

Time Person of the Year

Who will be Time's Person of the Year ?

Last year it was Vladimir Putin. I'll bet you £3 this year it will be Barack Obama.

Here's a few names on their short list:

G W Bush
Hillary Clinton
Sarah Palin
Tina Fey (!)
Olympians like Phelps and Bolt
Damien Hirst (!)
Gordon Brown (!)
Bernanke, Paulson
Chinese people called Hu and Wen etc
Steve Jobs
Google Guys
an Iraqi and a Pakistani
T. Boone Pickens
some scientists

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It's sort of a miracle that it continues to work well today.

a Rutgers University professor who is overseeing a federal research project to look at whether the Internet needs to be completely scrapped and started over

Almost totally recovered is the very reliable information that I keep receiving.

— Venezuelan President HUGO CHAVEZ
referring to Cuban President Fidel Castro, 80, who underwent emergency intestinal surgery last July

It isn't possible to change this regime through democratic means.

— Russian billionaire BORIS BEREZOVSKY
exiled in London, admitting he is plotting a coup in Russia

It is all about influence and domination in Europe.

referring to the U.S.'s plan to deploy a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic

You Need to be Careful With Seafood

I wanted to mention about the recent case of the poisoning of a former Russian spy in London.  Info excerpted from here:
Thallium 'unlikely cause' of spy illness

Thallium poisoning is "unlikely" to be the cause of a former Russian spy's serious illness, the London hospital treating him says, deepening the mystery of how and why he was poisoned.

Alexander Litvinenko, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, remains in intensive care and under police guard...

Litvinenko told the BBC's Russian service on November 11 that he fell ill hours after receiving a document about the October murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, according to a transcript of the interview released on Tuesday.

Mario Scaramella, who has helped Italy's parliament investigate Cold War-era Soviet espionage, said he met Litvinenko at a London sushi bar to show him emails from a mutual source warning their lives may be in danger.

"It (the email) said, take care ... They are quoted to be involved in (the killing of) Ms Politkovskaya," he said.

Scaramella said he skipped the sushi because he had eaten earlier in the afternoon at Pizza Hut. 

AHA !!!!!  I think I solved the mystery.

  At the rate of about three to five per month, I am adding to this list of people, places or things which have appeared in the news (and in Google News Page's "In the News" section) and who I feel are worthy (ie interesting to me) enough to be honoured in my Newsmaker's Hall of Fame.... The process of picking inductees involves being judged more worthy than 16 other nominees, and there's also an element of chance involved which might sometimes result in some unexpected inductees. Here's the list so far, and roughly when they were inducted:

                        Politics                             Entertainment / Sports          Other
Summer       Joe Biden                          Big Brother (TV show)             Pope Benedict XVI
2008             Gordon Brown                    Boston Celtics                         Prince Charles                      
                    Hugo Chavez                     Euro 2008                              Guantanamo Bay                      
                    Bill Clinton                           Paul McCartney                      Radovan Karadzik                      
                    Hillary Clinton                      Olympic Games                   South Ossetia                      
                    Al Gore
Nelson Mandela                  
John McCain                      
                   Barack Obama

Autumn        M.  Ahmadinejad              Johnny Depp                   Tom Brokaw
2008            George W. Bush           Michael Jackson                  Dalai Lama
                 David Cameron               Led Zeppelin       
                   Kim Jong-il                    Andy Murray
                   Robert Mugabe               O.J. Simpson
                 Michelle Obama
                  Sarah Palin
                   Colin Powell                              

Winter          Vladimir Putin                   Tom Cruise                        Climate Change
'08/'09          George HW Bush             Jim Rice                              Martin Luther King
                    Abraham Lincoln            Dustin Hoffman                    Washington DC
                                                            Academy Awards              Prince Harry
                                                            Bruce Springsteen

Spring         House of Commons            Bob Dylan                         BAE Systems
2009                                                      Sean Penn                        Cambridge University
                                                             Alan Shearer

Summer     European Parliament    Sacha Baron Cohen               Ronnie Biggs
2009                                                    Steven Gerrard                 Loch Lomond
                                                            Harry Potter
                                                           Christiano Ronaldo   
                                                           Britney Spears     
                                                            John Terry

Autumn      Tony Blair                         Muhammad Ali                 British Airways
2009                                                   Monty Python                    Guy Fawkes
                                                          Rock Band                        Pan Am Flight 103   
                                                          Rolling Stones                   Queen Mother

Winter     Nicolas Sarkozy                  Coronation Street            Wootton Bassett
'09/'10                                               Susan Boyle                       Ernest Shackleton
                                                         Marlon Brando                  Buckingham Palace
                                                        Orson Welles  

Spring         Nick Clegg                         Cheryl Cole                         Prince William
2010          General Election            Alice in Wonderland                 Google Maps 
                                                            Pink Floyd       
                                                       Andrew Lloyd Webber
                                                         Laurence Olivier  
                                                            Sex Pistols

Summer     Winston Churchill                                                        St. Andrews
2010                                                                                             Tony Hayward
                                                                                                  Google Street View

Autumn       William Hague                Jimi Hendrix                        Stephen Hawking
2011                                                 Tiger Woods

Winter         Duchess of Cornwall     John Lennon                 Julian Assange
'10/'11         Green Party                   Nicolas Cage
                                                        Oprah Winfrey

Spring         King George VI                                                   Republic of Ireland
2011            Kate Middleton                                                   Westminster Abbey

Summer     Alex Salmond                Amy Winehouse               Rupert Murdoch
2011         Ronald Reagan

Autumn      Silvio Berlusconi

Winter       Prince Philip                  Thierry Henry                     Stonehenge
'11/'12       Mitt Romney                                                                 Iran                                                                                            

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