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Summer 1995... 15 years ago


Here's what was going on in my life 15 years ago, according to the hardcopy non-online journal I had back then:

June 1995

 - Wife F is off to Smith College, studying for a master's degree in social work... She is in Sunderland while I am staying in Beverly.

 - On a weekend visit, we drive in the jeep to Great Barrington to see the tornado damage there... then over to the Holyoke Mall and the top of Mt. Holyoke.

 - Nephew Michael, about 10 months old, is standing and walking around unassisted.

July 1995

 - My Grandpa Howe died...  "although we weren't close, the times we were together showed me that he was a very nice man.  Someone I would've liked as a grandfather down the street rather than 3000 miles away.  We were together only about four or five occasions."

August 1995

 - Grandma Howe died.  My mother had spent several weeks out there in Washington state after my grandfather had died... and sadly had to fly back out there when this sad news came.

 - Nephew Michael turns one year old.  F and I buy him a little car to ride around in.  His other aunt and uncle also buy him a little car to ride around in.  Doh !

 - F and I spend a couple days in Boothbay Harbor, Maine for a little vacation, which was really nice.

May and June 1994, part two


A trip across the U.S. 15 years ago, part two.

Monday, May 30, 1994, Wisconsin

Right now we're on our way up to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin where we might go on an amphibious boat ride around the "Dells". I'm not sure what a dell is, but maybe I'll find out in Wisconsin Dells.

Last night we stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Rockford, Ill.   Didn't quite make it to Wisconsin before konking out...

We stopped off at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo yesterday and saw the rainforest exhibit among other things. I like zoos.

We ate dinner in South Bend, Ind. yesterday evening. The whole thing came to 12 dollars... But you get what you pay for... The beef stroganoff was an odd orangish color...

We just stopped off at a cheese shop in Wisconsin. Got some cheese bit snacks and some postcards.

Later today, we'll make it up to Bloomington, Minn. to the largest mall in the U.S.   F is very excited about that...

Tuesday, May 31, 1994, South Dakota

Right now we're outside of Henry, S.D. which is west of Watertown, S.D.    South Dakota scenery is pretty uneventful so far. Farm after farm after farm after farm.   They're big on pheasants here, Pheasant Motel, large pheasant statues, etc.

The people are very friendly. We just stopped for gas and the guy cleaned our windshield and wished us a nice visit to South Dakota.

Yesterday we stopped off at Wisconsin Dells to ride the "Ducks".   That was pretty fun.   The Ducks are amphibious vehicles from WWII.

Up in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, we got caught in a tornado warning.   Hail came down the size of marbles and we had to pull off the highway to find some trees to park under.   Didn't see any actual tornadoes, tho.

We made it up to Minneapolis to the Mall of America, the largest mall in the U.S.   We rode the rollercoaster and log ride at Camp Snoopy, the largest indoor amusement park, which was in the center of the mall.

We ended up heading west a bit more after the mall. Found a place in Hitchinson, Minn. to sleep.

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