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Well....  recent inductees into my, ahem, Newsmakers Hall of Fame are as follows:

June     Alex Salmond

July     Ronald Reagan
           Rupert Murdoch    

Aug      Amy Winehouse

(Sept & Oct - none)

Nov      Silvio Berlusconi

Dec      Stonehenge
  At the rate of about three to five per month, I am adding to this list of people, places or things which have appeared in the news (and in Google News Page's "In the News" section) and who I feel are worthy (ie interesting to me) enough to be honoured in my Newsmaker's Hall of Fame.... The process of picking inductees involves being judged more worthy than 16 other nominees, and there's also an element of chance involved which might sometimes result in some unexpected inductees. Here's the list so far, and roughly when they were inducted:

                        Politics                             Entertainment / Sports          Other
Summer       Joe Biden                          Big Brother (TV show)             Pope Benedict XVI
2008             Gordon Brown                    Boston Celtics                         Prince Charles                      
                    Hugo Chavez                     Euro 2008                              Guantanamo Bay                      
                    Bill Clinton                           Paul McCartney                      Radovan Karadzik                      
                    Hillary Clinton                      Olympic Games                   South Ossetia                      
                    Al Gore
Nelson Mandela                  
John McCain                      
                   Barack Obama

Autumn        M.  Ahmadinejad              Johnny Depp                   Tom Brokaw
2008            George W. Bush           Michael Jackson                  Dalai Lama
                 David Cameron               Led Zeppelin       
                   Kim Jong-il                    Andy Murray
                   Robert Mugabe               O.J. Simpson
                 Michelle Obama
                  Sarah Palin
                   Colin Powell                              

Winter          Vladimir Putin                   Tom Cruise                        Climate Change
'08/'09          George HW Bush             Jim Rice                              Martin Luther King
                    Abraham Lincoln            Dustin Hoffman                    Washington DC
                                                            Academy Awards              Prince Harry
                                                            Bruce Springsteen

Spring         House of Commons            Bob Dylan                         BAE Systems
2009                                                      Sean Penn                        Cambridge University
                                                             Alan Shearer

Summer     European Parliament    Sacha Baron Cohen               Ronnie Biggs
2009                                                    Steven Gerrard                 Loch Lomond
                                                            Harry Potter
                                                           Christiano Ronaldo   
                                                           Britney Spears     
                                                            John Terry

Autumn      Tony Blair                         Muhammad Ali                 British Airways
2009                                                   Monty Python                    Guy Fawkes
                                                          Rock Band                        Pan Am Flight 103   
                                                          Rolling Stones                   Queen Mother

Winter     Nicolas Sarkozy                  Coronation Street            Wootton Bassett
'09/'10                                               Susan Boyle                       Ernest Shackleton
                                                         Marlon Brando                  Buckingham Palace
                                                        Orson Welles  

Spring         Nick Clegg                         Cheryl Cole                         Prince William
2010          General Election            Alice in Wonderland                 Google Maps 
                                                            Pink Floyd       
                                                       Andrew Lloyd Webber
                                                         Laurence Olivier  
                                                            Sex Pistols

Summer     Winston Churchill                                                        St. Andrews
2010                                                                                             Tony Hayward
                                                                                                  Google Street View

Autumn       William Hague                Jimi Hendrix                        Stephen Hawking
2011                                                 Tiger Woods

Winter         Duchess of Cornwall     John Lennon                 Julian Assange
'10/'11         Green Party                   Nicolas Cage
                                                        Oprah Winfrey

Spring         King George VI                                                   Republic of Ireland
2011            Kate Middleton                                                   Westminster Abbey

Summer     Alex Salmond                Amy Winehouse               Rupert Murdoch
2011         Ronald Reagan

Autumn      Silvio Berlusconi

Winter       Prince Philip                  Thierry Henry                     Stonehenge
'11/'12       Mitt Romney                                                                 Iran                                                                                            

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