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Happy that McCain the Scottish candidate won in Florida.

Watching Romney do his speech now and he looks on the verge of crying.

Giuliani really blew it. Looks like he'll throw his support behind McCain.

Clinton won the meaningless Democratic vote and declared a tremendous victory. Despicable.

thoughts after watching NH results

I stayed up late and watched the NH results. A few thoughts:

Clinton - wow. Surprised she won. At her victory speech, she looked like she packed the room with young people... trying to show how much they should start voting for her instead of Obama. She's such a politician... capable of anything in order to win... even crying. I don't think I could take seeing Bill standing in the back for 4 or 8 years. I'm sick of Clintons.

Obama - A good speaker. Harvard grad. He should know better not to smoke. He'll be the VP candidate.

Edwards - good speech. A bit of a southern drawl going getting ready for South Carolina. I like him... But maybe a little too good looking for my liking. Too telegenic. Too politician.

Richardson, Kucinich, Gravel - why are the good guys all so disliked ?

McCain - I'm glad he won. He's real. Not a great speaker. Deserves to be president. Would be a strong leader. Too bad he's a republican. I like that he's a maverick and some republicans don't like him. His supporters were a bit embarassing with chants of USA USA and Mac is Back... Great looking wife. Mmmm.

Romney - a likeable guy but again too perfect looking. Too much of a newsanchor look. Politician. I think he's a breadhead in it to be big business' best buddy. Good looking wife.

Huckabee - another real likeable guy. Too bad about his political beliefs, tho. His wife could be better too.

Giuiuiuiliani - don't count him out altho he should've tried harder in NH. Poor showing

Paul and Thompson - bye bye

NH Primary is today

I'm a bit obsessed by politics the past couple days...

Anyway, the NH Primary is today.  Reminds me of when I used to live in New Hampshire.  I got to vote in the NH Primary of 1992.  Bill Clinton was running then, against Paul Tsongas, and others...  I voted for Paul Tsongas.

Tsongas ended up winning in New Hampshire, and a few other early states.  It wasn't actually until the Georgia Primary that Bill Clinton won one.

So it just puts into perspective....  Barack Obama could just be another Paul Tsongas.  And don't count Hillary Clinton out yet...


Presidents usually have one or two syllable names...  Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon... like that.  So that's another reason I'm not giving Obama much of a chance in the long run.  Giuliani has absolutley no chance then either, does he ?  Clinton, Romney, McCain, Edwards... they're OK.

select smart

From using just now...   My results:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2. Al Gore (not announced)   (65%)  Information link
3. Barack Obama   (65%)  Information link
4. Ron Paul   (64%)  Information link
5. John Edwards   (61%)  Information link
6. Dennis Kucinich   (59%)  Information link
7. Wesley Clark (not announced)   (58%)  Information link
8. Christopher Dodd   (54%)  Information link
9. Joseph Biden   (54%)  Information link
10. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended)   (53%)  Information link
11. Hillary Clinton   (53%)  Information link
12. Bill Richardson   (48%)  Information link
13. Mike Gravel   (45%)  Information link
14. Michael Bloomberg (not announced)   (41%)  Information link
15. Tom Tancredo   (39%)  Information link
16. Duncan Hunter   (38%)  Information link
17. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended)   (38%)  Information link
18. John McCain   (38%)  Information link
19. Tommy Thompson   (35%)  Information link
20. Rudolph Giuliani   (34%)  Information link
21. Mitt Romney   (32%)  Information link
22. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn)   (28%)  Information link
23. Fred Thompson (not announced)   (27%)  Information link
24. Newt Gingrich (not announced)   (27%)  Information link
25. Chuck Hagel (not announced)   (24%)  Information link
26. Mike Huckabee   (23%)  Information link
27. Sam Brownback   (22%)  Information link
28. Elaine Brown   (19%)  Information link



Open quoteThe wheels are coming off his wagon and it's hard to see how he can recover.Close quote

 - Republican consultant TOM EDMONDS on John McCain's Presidential campaign. Some G.O.P. insiders predict the Arizona Senator will drop out of the race by September
Open quoteIt's becoming ever more clear that Rudy Giuliani suffers from John Kerry syndrome.Close quote
 - JOSEPH CELLA, president of a Catholic advocacy group in Michigan, comparing Giuliani's stance on abortion with that of Kerry, whose Presidential campaign suffered when a group of American bishops denied him communion in 2004

John Edwards

I think I support John Edwards most, for the Democratic nomination for President... I never liked Hillary, and Barack Obama smokes cigarettes... bleugh.

Here are some excerpts from Yahoo! about Edwards' campaign:

Edwards presses on with 2008 campaign

WASHINGTON - Democrat John Edwards said Thursday that his presidential campaign "goes on strongly" in the face of a repeat cancer diagnosis for his wife, Elizabeth, a somber development that thrust his White House bid into uncharted territory.

The couple revealed that Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer had spread to her bone during a news conference designed to reassure the public about the prognosis for her health and his candidacy.

"The bottom line is, her cancer is back," said John Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee and former senator, at a news conference in their hometown of Chapel Hill, N.C. "We are very optimistic about this, because having been through some struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up and keep moving and be strong."


Other candidates have faced cancer in their families and have not let it slow their campaign. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ran for re-election this year despite his wife's diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in 2002.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has had repeat occurrences of skin cancer. McCain rival Rudy Giuliani is a prostate cancer survivor, as was 1996 Republican nominee Bob Dole and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry.

Democrat Paul Tsongas made his survival from cancer an issue in his 1992 campaign for the Democratic nomination. He lost the primary to Bill Clinton. Tsongas' cancer later returned and he died three years later.

(snipped rest)

Prez Prefs

Here are my current preferences of Presidential Candidates:

From the Democrats (in order of preference):

Al Gore -- not running; hasn't ruled it out completely
Joseph Biden (DE)
John Edwards (NC)
Barack Obama (IL)
Christopher Dodd (CT)
Dennis Kucinich (OH)
Bill Richardson (NM)
Tom Vilsack (IA)
Mike Gravel (VA)
Hillary Clinton (NY)

From the Republicans (in order of preference):

Rudy Giuliani (NY)
Mitt Romney (MA)
John McCain (AZ)
Tommy Thompson (WI)
Sam Brownback (KS)
Tom Tancredo (CO)
Jim Gilmore (VA)
John Cox (IL)
Duncan Hunter (CA)
Ron Paul (TX)
Mike Huckabee (AR)

2008 Presidential Selector

Out of curiosity, I did this 2008 Presidential Selector Quiz...  Here are my results:

Percent Rank Item
(100%) 1: Gov. Bill Richardson (D) Information
(92%) 2: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) Information
(88%) 3: Ex-VP Al Gore (D) Information
(88%) 4: Sen. Barack Obama (D) Information
(85%) 5: Sen. Joseph Biden (D) Information
(83%) 6: Sen. John Kerry (D) Information
(82%) 7: Sen. Russ Feingold (D) Information
(80%) 8: Gov. George Pataki (R) Information
(80%) 9: Sen. Evan Bayh (D) Information
(79%) 10: Ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) Information
(79%) 11: Gov. Mitt Romney (R) Information
(76%) 12: Ex-Sen. John Edwards (D) Information
(75%) 13: Ex-Rep. Newt Gingrich (R) Information
(72%) 14: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) Information
(61%) 15: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark (D) Information
(61%) 16: Sen. Christopher Dodd (D) Information
(57%) 17: Gov. Tom Vilsack (D) Information
(52%) 18: Sen. John McCain (R) Information
(51%) 19: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) Information
(48%) 20: Sen. Sam Brownback (R) Information
(45%) 21: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) Information
(42%) 22: Sen. George Allen (R) Information
(41%) 23: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) Information
(33%) 24: Sec. Condoleezza Rice (R) Information


I know I've been away for a while but...   Hillary Clinton is looking a little rough lately.

I've been looking forward to the upcoming presidential campaign, by the way.   I have no idea who I might vote for... probably a Democrat or third party candidate in the final election, but I also kind of like some of the potential Republican candidates.  Can't stand the Republican Party, tho, so I doubt I'd ultimately vote for one.  McCain and Guiliani are both OK in my book, tho.   For the Democrats, I can't see myself voting for Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama is a mystery to me... don't know very much about him.  If Al Gore ran, I'd probably vote for him.  I've always liked him.  John Edwards seems OK, and I think I once took a test the last time around that pointed me in his direction.  I hope John Kerry doesn't run. 

Decision 2008


I know it's a tad bit early, but hearing that Mass Gov. Mitt Romney has announced he will not run for gubernatorial reelection (and instead, it's assumed, concentrate on a run for US President)  has made me think of the Presidential election race in 2008...

From this CNN article,

It appears the early, early frontrunners are Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Rudolph Giuliani on the Republican side....  both from New York. 

Others mentioned as possible contenders are Republicans John McCain, Condoleeza Rice, George Allen (who?? Sen. from Virginia), Bill Frist (Tennessee), Haley Barbour (Mississippi) and of course Mitt Romney.

On the Democratic side, there's also John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Mark Warner (Virginia), Bill Richardson (NM), Evan Bayh (IN) and Tom Vilsack (IA).

The article says the 2008 presidential race could be the most wide-open contest in more than five decades.  With President Bush unable to seek another term and Vice President Dick Cheney insisting he won't succeed him, the table is set for the first race since 1952 in which neither a sitting president nor a vice president is on the ballot.

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