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November 2000

My journal contents in November 2000 included:

 - I back Ralph Nader in the U.S. presidential election, as I always back 3rd party candidates since 1992's election (Perot in two '90's elections and then Nader a few times after).   My absentee ballot doesn't actually get sent to me in 2000, tho, for some unknown reason, and I'm not happy about that.

Nov. 7:  "Today's election day back in the States.  I registered to vote, at least I thought I did what was required, but the evil political-industrial machine somehow intercepted my absentee ballot.  It hasn't come.  They must have heard I was going to vote for Ralph Nader.  Fascists!"

Nov. 15:  ..."As it stands now, Bush's lead in the deciding state of Florida is less than 300 votes.   The whole world is watching and the U.S. is looking pretty stupid with all the legal bickering.  It'll be hard to resolve but someone's going to have to concede."

Nov. 23:  "Well, it's over two weeks since the U.S. presidential election and we still don't know who won...  The Florida Supreme Court just ruled that the recount (manual) should be allowed, and counties have by the end of the weekend to get it done.  As it stands now, Bush leads in Florida by just over 900 votes.  Nationally, Gore won the popular vote by about 200,000."

 - Near the end of November, I go on a "teambuilding" weekend with the other people in my department at work.  We did some things like abseiling down a cliff and crossing a small pond on a rope bridge...

Autumn 2004... 5 years ago

Here's what was going on 5 years ago...

September 2004

- Jenny and Andy go on holiday to Barcelona.

- Jenny starts her third year at the University of Edinburgh, and is in a new flat.

- Someone smashes my car window overnight in Glasgow. Just out of badness.

October 2004

- I make up my mind to vote for Ralph Nader for president. He is my new Ross Perot.

November 2004

- Doh ! America does it again. George W. Bush is reelected.

Time to vote

I got my absentee ballot in the post today.    Hmm, must decide who to vote for.......   I'm a bit disappointed in the 3rd party candidates.  Haven't heard too much from Nader, otherwise I'd probably vote for him again.  Green party candidate McKinney is a possibility.   Barr for the Libertarians never struck my fancy.  Constitution party ?  Nah.  

I actually think I'll go for the Green Party.  I like Obama in many ways, and he'll win in Massachusetts, but I just feel the need to go 3rd party again this year.  Democrats and Republicans are all part of the same evil corporate machine running the country.

"Committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice and grassroots organizing, Greens are renewing democracy without the support of corporate donors. Greens provide real solutions for real problems. Whether the issue is universal health care, corporate globalization, alternative energy, election reform or decent, living wages for workers, Greens have the courage and independence necessary to take on the powerful corporate interests."

I'm going GREEN !

Go 3rd Parties !

Excerpts from a little announcement that happened about a week ago:

Rejecting a specific entreaty from the McCain campaign, Ron Paul extended his support to a field of third-party candidates this morning, highlighting their shared frustration with the two-party system.
“Presidential elections turn out to be a charade more than anything else,” Paul said, and so he urged his supporters to vote for candidates who would expand the debate beyond the major party’s platforms.

Ron Paul (far left) at a news conference with third-party candidates at the National Press Club. From left: former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney from the Green Party, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, and Ralph Nader. (AP)

the rest of it here at the source.

Blue State Blues

Arggh ! I don't like being a voter from the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts. I mean, what's the point of voting when you know what the outcome will be. 12 electoral votes are GUARANTEED to go into the Obama column in November from the People's Socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So what's the point ?

Not that I don't want Obama to win, I do. But whichever way I vote won't seem to make a difference. Other than, I suppose, contributing to the overall popular vote tally.

Maybe I'll vote for Nader afterall but he doesn't even seem to be getting off the ground this year. I wish someone would come in at the last minute and save us. Colin Powell jumping in to run for the Raving Looney Moron Party would be perfect. Someone everyone would vote for, and send the two big parties packing.

My precious vote

I think I’ll probably end up voting for Ralph Nader again this year…  I like Obama and it’d be good if Obama won the election, I think, but personally I don’t see that he’s better qualified to be president than McCain.  McCain deserves it more, in a way, as I think he’s served his country well and has much more experience in Washington, which may be a bad thing, actually, but he’s just earned it more than Obama has… but McCain can be such a dickhead making jokes about bombing Iran and Chelsea Clinton's parentage, so I couldn’t vote for him.  It’ll probably be Nader who gets my vote.  We need to break out of the two-party system.  Both major parties are corrupt, full of crooks and breadheads.

The bottom line is, I’ll be voting in Massachusetts where Obama will win anyway.

It may depend on who Obama chooses as VP as to whether I might vote for him…  I hope he chooses Sam Nunn, and definitely not Hillary Clinton.  It'd be great if he chose Ralph Nader...


Here are some excerpts from Politico:

Nader phoned into Politico on Tuesday afternoon to offer his prediction that a surprise nod to Clinton (for VP) is actually what Obama has in store — never mind the talk of mistrust between the Clintons and Obama.

“He just has to swallow hard and do what JFK did” in picking rival Lyndon Johnson in 1960, said the liberal activist and maverick presidential candidate.

According to Nader’s logic, Obama may dislike Hillary, but will conclude he has no choice but to get over it if he hopes to leave next week’s convention in Denver with a unified party and a decent shot against  John McCain in the fall: “The polls show 25 percent of her supporters have not gotten on board.”


“If it’s a traditional white male politician Obama is after, Nader offered, the better pick would be former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, who brings national security heft and could put his home state in play.

It might be tempting for the Obama partisans to brush off Nader’s freelance forecasting, but dismissing him as a crank is a risk. Many Democrats believe he siphoned votes and cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000.

As for his own reading of the vice presidential tarot cards, Nader admitted, “I may have egg on my face in a few days.”


Recent Quotes


Open quoteThat's interesting. I hadn't heard that. Close quote

  • President GEORGE BUSH saying he was unaware of predictions of $4-a-gallon gasoline in the coming months


Open quoteFebruary may go down in history as the month that the previously indefatigable U.S. consumer finally threw in the towel. Close quote

  • PAUL ASHWORTH, a senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics, after mortgage interest rates rose to 6.04 percent last week and house prices continued to drop


Open quoteI have spent my life studying foreign policy and I have never seen the world in such a mess. Close quote

  • MADELEINE ALBRIGHT criticizing the Bush Administration and endorsing Hillary Clinton for President




My main man, Ralph Nader, has entered the race as a third party candidate.  I voted for him last time, and I very well may do again.


Democratic Candidates

I watched the CNN / You Tube Democratic candidate debates the other night.  

I often match up with Dennis Kucinich on "selection website things" but I've barely heard of him so usually disregarded it...  but I must say after watching him on the debate, I'm more proud to be a Kucinich-match.  He's a puny little guy, but he was pretty good when he opened his mouth.  I looked him up on Wikipedia and found out he's got like a 30 year old British wife despite him being something like 60 years old or so.  Pretty cool, pretty neat.

The debates confirmed my dislike for Hillary Clinton... and I'm not too keen on Barack Obama either.  They're too slick by half.  I wasn't too impressed by Joe Biden, John Edwards or Bill Richardson either, who I generally thought I liked.  No concrete reasons to give, just a feeling.  Mike Gravel was kind of funny because he kept making comments about not getting any air time.

I was only half watching, to be honest.  But I like Kucinich, altho he has absolutely no chance of winning.  I'll probably end up voting for Ross Perot or Ralph Nader again.

Rotten Luck

Today we had the worst luck.  Linda and I drove down to the Gretna Gateway Outlet  Village to get Jenny some luggage we had intended to get her for Xmas...  pink luggage...  Anyway, so we go down there... 20 miles... and just as we were at the cash register about to purchase it, the power goes down in the entire place.  We wait a bit, but the power doesn't come back on, so instead of buying the luggage and getting an inadequate receipt, we decided to go out and walk around until it gets fixed....  still no good after 20 minutes or so... so we go over to a nice nearby pub and wait it out a little over there figuring by the time we have some tomato basil soup and diet coke, it'd be fixed...  but, no...  by the time we went back the whole place was dark, the store was locked and deserted with our unpurchased luggage inside.....  So now we're going to have to make a WHOLE 'NOTHER trip down there tomorrow...  UNLUCKY !  I suppose it could've been worse.  At least I had a FASCINATING STORY to put into my LiveJournal.  YEAH !!!!!

And now this...  I was tagged by kylesmum to do the following, so I shall...
1. Thank the person that tagged you.
2. List 5 random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag 5 other people

Thanks Kylesmum!

1. I wear Hawaiian shirts in all weather, all seasons

2. I collect beanie babies (with Linda).  We have nearly 100.

3. I like watching films in the theatre, but not particularly on DVD / TV...  would rather watch something else instead of a film, usually...

4. I voted for Reagan in 1984, Dukakis in '88, Perot in '92, Perot in '96, no one in '00 and Nader in '04.

5. I'm being subjected to "Wedding Crashers" on DVD at this very moment... sigh.  :-(

November 2004

Cleaning out the old blog....  Here are two posts from Autumn 2004... around the time of Bush's reelection...

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