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Super Tuesday

From the Chicago Tribune, a wrap-up of what happened yesterday voting-wise:


Caucuses: 27 delegates

Romney won this state, a longtime GOP stronghold, in 2008. Sarah Palin, the former governor and vice presidential nominee, showed up to vote at a caucus on Tuesday.


Primary: 76 delegates

Gingrich, who represented a Georgia district in Congress for 20 years, won the Peach State, raising his hopes for next week's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi. Gingrich had almost 50 percent of the vote, with Romney beating Santorum for second place.


Caucuses: 32 delegates

This state has a large Mormon population, and as expected, Romney won in landslide.


Primary: 41 delegates

Romney, the former governor, won handily with more than 70 percent of the vote. Santorum was a distant second, garnering 12 percent.

North Dakota

Caucuses: 28 delegates

Santorum won the caucuses, with Paul finishing second. The Texan spoke at a caucus Tuesday in Fargo.


Primary: 66 delegates

Romney won by a slim margin. The state was considered the big prize of the night, particularly since it's such an important state in the general election.

Ohio is also key because this Rust Belt state borders Michigan, where Romney was raised, and Pennsylvania, Santorum's home state.


Primary: 43 delegates

This socially conservative state with a large population of evangelical Christians was won by Santorum with about 34 percent of the vote. Romney and Gingrich were in tight battle for second.


Primary: 58 delegates

Santorum won the Volunteer State, another conservative state, with about 38 percent. Though Gingrich was a lawmaker from neighboring Georgia, Romney finished second, with 28 percent, while Gingrich had about 23 percent.


Primary: 17 delegates

Romney, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, won with about 40 percent. Vermont, known for its independent spirit and liberal leanings, helped Paul make a strong showing, as he and Santorum each won almost 25 percent of the votes.


Primary: 49 delegates

Romney won with 60 percent, with Paul second. Santorum and Gingrich, who lives in Virginia, failed to get on the ballot.

—Tribune Newspapers,

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about 15 years ago... Jan - April 1996


Events in my life 15 years ago... from my journal:

January 1996

  - Nephew Peter is a month old and Nephew Michael is about a year and a half.  Unfortunately, I turn 31.  "I got a walkman from my parents.  Michael liked Pearl Jam when it came thru the Walkman...  Petie was more into Nirvana..."

February 1996

 - Primary season starts !!  (which I'm always interested in)    Bob Dole wins the Iowa caucuses.  Pat Buchanan comes in 2nd after having already won contests in Louisiana and Alaska.  Then the NH primary...Buchanan beats Dole there.  Steve Forbes wins the Delaware primary and then the Arizona primary.  Dole wins in ND and SD.  The race is wide open!

March 1996

 - "We went over to Brian and Debbie's on Sunday.  Michael is repeating words now.  What a smart kid...  Peter hasn't shown the same intelligence, but give him time, he's just two months old..."   Michael "likes to run at you full speed so you have to grab him and pick him up.  He rolls a ball across the floor and says "bowling."  Now that's smart !  Peter's OK too."

 - Today was the Massachusetts primary (aswell as 7 or 8 other states).  I voted for Forbes.  I go for those non-politician types..."  Dole wins all the primaries, so pulls ahead of the others and looks like he is going to get the nomination.

 - "F and I had a nice weekend last weekend...  We went down to Yarmouth on Cape Cod and stayed at a place called the Ocean Club.  It was a great place !    It had a jacuzzi, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms,  3 TV's, a fireplace, a kitchen, a nice view, 3 beds... a little more than we needed, but since it was in the off-season, it didn't cost much for what we got.  I really enjoyed it...  We walked on the beach a little, went out to dinner at a nice restaurant...  On Sunday we drove over to the Cape Cod National Seashore, to Nauset Light, then over to the Natural History Museum in Brewster where we took a nature walk.

F slipped waist-deep into the marsh...

She was jumping over some water onto a little island but she jumped too far and went right into the deep water up to her waist.  It was more funny than traumatic.  Good thing the weather was pretty nice...  not too cold...   We walked back up to the Natural History Museum and she changed into some dry clothes..."

April 1996

 - My father turns 56 and there's a family get-together at my parents' house.

Tsunami Tuesday results


I'm a bit down that Obama didn't do better.  He did OK, but Clinton came out ahead in the big states like New York and California...  I would've liked him to have won one of those.  The delegates are awarded proportionally in most places, tho, instead of winner take all... so they both came out about even at the end of the night.  Bummed that Obama didn't beat Clinton in Massachusetts...

McCain looks like he's on the way to the Republican nomination, winning the big contests.  Romney won some western states but it looks like he won't catch up to McCain.  Huckabee did surprisingly well in some places, winning some southern states.

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