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Election Day

Well, it's election day in the U.S....  Most polls and news stations are saying that Obama has an edge, but it might be close.  I voted by absentee ballot for a third party candidate... Jill Stein of the Green Party... because I really couldn't bring myself to vote for either Obama or Romney.  They're both too much in the pocket of the powers that be.


...and here are the latest newsworthy inductees to my "Newsmakers Hall of Fame"...

Prince Philip Jan 6
Iran Jan 13
Thierry Henry Jan 17
Mitt Romney Jan 20

Syria Feb 19

RMS Titanic Apr 13

Super Tuesday

From the Chicago Tribune, a wrap-up of what happened yesterday voting-wise:


Caucuses: 27 delegates

Romney won this state, a longtime GOP stronghold, in 2008. Sarah Palin, the former governor and vice presidential nominee, showed up to vote at a caucus on Tuesday.


Primary: 76 delegates

Gingrich, who represented a Georgia district in Congress for 20 years, won the Peach State, raising his hopes for next week's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi. Gingrich had almost 50 percent of the vote, with Romney beating Santorum for second place.


Caucuses: 32 delegates

This state has a large Mormon population, and as expected, Romney won in landslide.


Primary: 41 delegates

Romney, the former governor, won handily with more than 70 percent of the vote. Santorum was a distant second, garnering 12 percent.

North Dakota

Caucuses: 28 delegates

Santorum won the caucuses, with Paul finishing second. The Texan spoke at a caucus Tuesday in Fargo.


Primary: 66 delegates

Romney won by a slim margin. The state was considered the big prize of the night, particularly since it's such an important state in the general election.

Ohio is also key because this Rust Belt state borders Michigan, where Romney was raised, and Pennsylvania, Santorum's home state.


Primary: 43 delegates

This socially conservative state with a large population of evangelical Christians was won by Santorum with about 34 percent of the vote. Romney and Gingrich were in tight battle for second.


Primary: 58 delegates

Santorum won the Volunteer State, another conservative state, with about 38 percent. Though Gingrich was a lawmaker from neighboring Georgia, Romney finished second, with 28 percent, while Gingrich had about 23 percent.


Primary: 17 delegates

Romney, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, won with about 40 percent. Vermont, known for its independent spirit and liberal leanings, helped Paul make a strong showing, as he and Santorum each won almost 25 percent of the votes.


Primary: 49 delegates

Romney won with 60 percent, with Paul second. Santorum and Gingrich, who lives in Virginia, failed to get on the ballot.

—Tribune Newspapers,

news services

Mini Tuesday sweep for Santorum


Unexpectedly (to me), Rick Santorum has won three states in the Republican primaries last night. Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri. He also was declared the winner in Iowa after initially being named a very close runner-up to Mitt Romney.

Romney won in New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada. Gingrich won South Carolina. Ron Paul hasn't won any but has had a few 2nd place finishes.

I've decided to just vote as a Democrat in the Mass primary... against Obama, as a protest vote.

Mitt wins New Hampshire

I stayed up late last night to watch some of the primary election returns for New Hampshire...  I was hoping for a stronger showing by my guy Jon Huntsman but he finished in third.  Romney had a strong first place finish.  Here are the results (with 95% reporting):

Romney    39%
Paul          23%
Huntsman  17%
Gingrich      9%
Santorum    9%
Perry          1%
Roemer       0%

Romney's OK but he's a bit too much of a polished establishment candidate.  Ron Paul is a bit odd, but I like some of his views.  Gingrich is smart but I'm not so sure about his character.  Santorum seems like a nice guy to me, but far too right-wing.  Rick Perry should never have gotten in the race.  Not intelligent enough, sort of a better looking George W. Bush.  Roemer might have been a possibility but I guess he didn't have any supporters.  So that left Jon Huntsman...  I like his willingness to work with the Democrats, and his experience with China as the US ambassador under Obama.  More of a moderate, like Romney, but less of a perpetual candidate.

Jan. 4th, 2012


We went over to celebrate Jenny's 27th birthday yesterday. Adam is still not quite walking on his own yet, just around furniture or with the help of a baby walking thing he can push. We're babysitting him tomorrow for the day...

Christmas is now officially over as we took down the decorations today and put them back up in the attic 'til next time.

I wanted to mention the Iowa caucuses were held yesterday, the first official votes of the republican primary season. Mitt Romney eeked out an amazingly slim 8 vote victory over second place Rick Santorum. Ron Paul was third. New Hampshire's primary is next up in a week's time. I filled out my absentee ballot request for the Massachusetts primary in March, but I still have to mail it.

Is it too early for this ?

2012 President Selector Rankings:

1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate (100 %)
2. Barack Obama (82 %)
3. Joseph Biden (82 %)
4. Hillary Clinton (76 %)
5. Ron Paul (42 %)
6. John McCain (36 %)
7. Mike Huckabee (31 %)
8. Newt Gingrich (29 %)
9. Wayne Allyn Root (28 %)
10. Mark Sanford (24 %)
11. Mitt Romney (22 %)
12. Lindsey Graham (21 %)
13. John Boehner (20 %)
14. Mitch McConnell (20 %)
15. Eric Cantor (19 %)
16. Charlie Crist (19 %)
17. Rob Portman (19 %)
18. Rush Limbaugh (19 %)
19. Bobby Jindal (18 %)
20. Jeb Bush (17 %)
21. Tim Pawlenty (16 %)
22. Sarah Palin (15 %)
23. Mitch Daniels (14 %)

Autumn 1994... 15 years ago

Some info on my life from my journal fifteen years ago...

 - At this time, me and my wife F are living in Beverly, MA.  I work at Teradyne in Boston.

 - F gets a job offer from the Manchester Union Leader in early October (for a job as a reporter).  We decide we don't want to move, so she doesn't accept the offer and continues to look for work closer to Beverly.

 - F and I go to a candidates' forum...  where I shake George Romney's hand.  Romney was there for his son, Mitt Romney, who was running for senate at the time against Ted Kennedy.  George Romney had run for president in 1968 and had been governor of Michigan.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. was there representing Ted Kennedy.  Our friend, Eric, who was Peter Torkildsen's press secretary was there representing Congressman Torkildsen whose congressional district included the north shore.  Democratic challenger John Tierney was there, as was a handful of local state-office candidates.  My preferences at the time were for the Republian candidates Romney and Torkildsen.

 - Thanksgiving is at Bian and Debbie's house this year.  F and I stay overnight and then take a drive out to western Mass the next day.

Tsunami Tuesday results


I'm a bit down that Obama didn't do better.  He did OK, but Clinton came out ahead in the big states like New York and California...  I would've liked him to have won one of those.  The delegates are awarded proportionally in most places, tho, instead of winner take all... so they both came out about even at the end of the night.  Bummed that Obama didn't beat Clinton in Massachusetts...

McCain looks like he's on the way to the Republican nomination, winning the big contests.  Romney won some western states but it looks like he won't catch up to McCain.  Huckabee did surprisingly well in some places, winning some southern states.


Happy that McCain the Scottish candidate won in Florida.

Watching Romney do his speech now and he looks on the verge of crying.

Giuliani really blew it. Looks like he'll throw his support behind McCain.

Clinton won the meaningless Democratic vote and declared a tremendous victory. Despicable.

Nevada and South Carolina

I'm staying up late on a Saturday night watching the primary results on CNN and (shudder) Fox News... Yes, I'm a political junkie...

Hillary Clinton continues to defy the media and defeat Obamamania. I wasn't expecting her to win in Nevada, but she has, and now she has two in a row... Momentum going into South Carolina next week.

Romney and his Mormon legions came out on top in Nevada for the Republicans. But it's too close to call at the moment in the Republican primary in South Carolina tonight. So far it looks like McCain might pull it off, which would be pretty devastating for second place Huckabee.

The Mormon the Merrier


Mitt Romney won in Michigan and the Republican race is getting exciting.  Three different winners in three states....  

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