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Dec. 3rd, 2009

Arghh. I filled out my ballot yesterday, ready to mail it in, only to find that the local post office near where I work seems to be closed on Wednesdays (or closes early or something). Will have to mail it in today.

Here are some excerpts from the Boston Globe:

The strength of the old boy network in Massachusetts

Seven male members of the Massachusetts delegation - Representatives Barney Frank, Stephen Lynch, Edward Markey, Jim McGovern, Richard Neal, John Olver, and John Tierney - like their colleague Michael Capuano in the race to win the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy.

Representative Bill Delahunt has yet to endorse.

The only woman in the Bay State delegation - Representative Niki Tsongas - backs Attorney General Martha Coakley. If Coakley wins next week's Democratic primary and takes the general election, she will be the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the Senate.

"Fascinating,'' blogged WBZ political analyst Jon Keller, after former Governor Michael Dukakis gave his first endorsement blessing since leaving office nearly 20 years ago to Capuano. "The only major Massachusetts elected official who has seen fit to endorse the only woman in the field for US Senate is . . . the only major female elected official . . .''


What's happening in 2009 is a reminder that in Massachusetts, the definition of progressive politics allows the Democratic political establishment to maintain the highest levels of elective office as a mostly-men's club.

Massachusetts has sent only four women to Congress and two of them followed their husbands.


It's not surprising that Capuano's colleagues would stick with him in this contest. Once again, it illustrates the strength of the old boy network in Massachusetts politics.


Coakley is an imperfect female candidate running against three imperfect men. Now, it's up to the voters to decide whose imperfections they want to overlook - and in the process, whether they want to make history. The men of the Massachusetts delegation are happy to repeat it.

October and November 1988

Excerpts from 20 years ago in my journal.... age 23... just started working at GE in Somersworth, NH... live in Salem, MA

Saturday, October 1, 1988, Salem

"One week down... My first week as a practicing engineer went alright. I have my own cubicle with a desk, my own parking area (for exempt employees). Engineers are God's chosen people. We wear ties, sit at our desks, and think more than do."

Saturday, November 5, 1988, Salem

"Election day is next Tuesday. F and I are both voting for Dukakis. We dislike him less than we dislike Bush. Quayle is an imbecile."

Wednesday, November 9, 1988, Salem

"Bush won. It figures..."

"F's birthday was on Monday. We went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant with her mother and grandmother. She's 22 now. There's nothing nice about 22."

- GenRad Training for two weeks in Bolton, MA.

Malibu Barbie for President !!1!!!1!!!

Darrin, do you ever post anything original and from your own brain anymore ?

No, here are some excerpts from a New York Times story...

Sarah Palin's Almost Creepy Ambition Should Worry McCain

Sarah Palin is the only hope for saving a ticket headed by a warrior who is out of juice and out of ideas. It seems she knows this only too well.

Sarah Palin's post-Couric/Fey comeback at last week's vice presidential debate was a turning point in the campaign. But if she "won," as her indulgent partisans and press claque would have it, the loser was not Joe Biden. It was her running mate. With a month to go, the 2008 election is now an Obama-Palin race -- about "the future," as Palin kept saying Thursday night -- and the only person who doesn't seem to know it is Mr. Past, poor old John McCain.


The standard take has it that she's either speaking utter ignorant gibberish (as to Couric) or reciting highly polished, campaign-written sound bites that she's memorized (as at the convention and the debate). But there's a steady unnerving undertone to Palin's utterances, a consistent message of hubristic self-confidence and hyper-ambition. She wants to be president, she thinks she can be president, she thinks she will be president. And perhaps soon. She often sounds like someone who sees herself as half-a-heartbeat away from the presidency. Or who is seen that way by her own camp, the hard-right G.O.P. base that never liked McCain anyway and views him as, at best, a White House place holder.

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In early March of 1988, I was a young (well, 23 years old) voter living in Western Mass where I was attending University.  At that time, Michael Dukakis was running for the Democratic nomination and was pretty much guaranteed to win Massachusetts. (other Dems running included Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt and others).

So, since that was the case, I decided to vote in the Republican primary.  The Republicans running that year included George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, Pat Robertson, Jack Kemp and others...  I had a maniacal dislike for George Bush (who was the front-runner, and eventual winner), so I decided to cast my vote for Bob Dole.  I sort of had liked Pat Robertson early on, but probably more as a quirky fascination rather than serious support.

Here are journal entries from the time:

February 1988

Me, 20 years ago this month... 

Age:  23        
Home:  Sunderland, MA           
Occupation:  Electrical Engineering Student    

In my life:

 - New guys Craig and Felix replace Dave and Brendan as housemates in the Sunderland house.
In the News:

 - Michael Dukakis and George H.W. Bush win the New Hampshire Primaries.
 - Mikhail Gorbachev announces Soviet troops will withdraw from Afghanistan.

U.S. politics 20 years ago

I used to have some old journal entries and other info on a website which is now defunct, so I wanted to now save it here... it's about the Democrats in 1987 and 1988...  bear with me, it's not all that interesting...


Rotten Luck

Today we had the worst luck.  Linda and I drove down to the Gretna Gateway Outlet  Village to get Jenny some luggage we had intended to get her for Xmas...  pink luggage...  Anyway, so we go down there... 20 miles... and just as we were at the cash register about to purchase it, the power goes down in the entire place.  We wait a bit, but the power doesn't come back on, so instead of buying the luggage and getting an inadequate receipt, we decided to go out and walk around until it gets fixed....  still no good after 20 minutes or so... so we go over to a nice nearby pub and wait it out a little over there figuring by the time we have some tomato basil soup and diet coke, it'd be fixed...  but, no...  by the time we went back the whole place was dark, the store was locked and deserted with our unpurchased luggage inside.....  So now we're going to have to make a WHOLE 'NOTHER trip down there tomorrow...  UNLUCKY !  I suppose it could've been worse.  At least I had a FASCINATING STORY to put into my LiveJournal.  YEAH !!!!!

And now this...  I was tagged by kylesmum to do the following, so I shall...
1. Thank the person that tagged you.
2. List 5 random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag 5 other people

Thanks Kylesmum!

1. I wear Hawaiian shirts in all weather, all seasons

2. I collect beanie babies (with Linda).  We have nearly 100.

3. I like watching films in the theatre, but not particularly on DVD / TV...  would rather watch something else instead of a film, usually...

4. I voted for Reagan in 1984, Dukakis in '88, Perot in '92, Perot in '96, no one in '00 and Nader in '04.

5. I'm being subjected to "Wedding Crashers" on DVD at this very moment... sigh.  :-(

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