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Mar. 14th, 2015

Not in good fettle today. Feeling a bit out of sorts. Don't know why.

I tried to make a post to LJ last night from my laptop and it didn't work. Some kind of LJ bug or something. Pissed me off a bit. As I tried repeatedly and always had the same bad result. Haven't been better since, so I guess that's what caused it.

No, I guess I was a bit pissed off at work earlier in the day.... dealing with this and that.

Work isn't bad lately, but not great. Not sure I really like the teaching part of being a teacher. Can do without it. But not really actively seeking to make a change either. I'll just stick with it unless it gets significantly worse

Just felt like rambling a bit on here. Done now.

Oh, one more thing. We've booked a place to go in the Lake District with the dog for a long weekend at the end of this month. In Borrowdale. So looking forward to that.

Jan. 25th, 2015

Been bugged that some of my half dozen or so little hobbies have been neglected lately.  Just no time.  Here's a list of my riduculous little neglected hobbies that have fallen by the wayside:

 - Geographing... I have a backlog of pictures dating back to the time I was in my previous job traveling around.  Now that I have a new GPS, I think I'm going to start focusing back on geographing a little more... probably more locally than before, tho.  Hiking, walking out in the great outdoors would be good.  Need to put the backlog of pictures into the website, tho...  when I get a chance.

 - Hard-copy journal...  I have spent some time on this lately over the recent holidays... but still have quite a backlog of little news articles and whatnot that I want to archive in my journal.  It bugs when the stuff I finally get to put in is a year old.... old news.  Hard to keep up.  This is the hobby I've been spending the most time on lately, tho.

 - Song Hall of Fame...  I listen to my iphone music player when I drive to work or walk the dog...  but putting the songs in my LJ journal has not been happening lately.  I have about a dozen and a half to put in, as well as updating the lists.

 - My Recording Artist Hall of Fame (DRAHOF)...  haven't been doing this for years now, but it's something I want to revisit at some point.

 - Great Scots.... that's another list on my LJ journal that died out...  but nothing really ever totally dies out with me.  I love lists.

 - Chronicle of my life...  stopped doing this for some reason, but need to revisit.  Eventually, I'll have a chronicle of everything that I've been doing since I began my journal in 1986... not that most of it is very interesting...  but it'll all be compiled somehow somewhere at some time.

 - Chronicling Adam and Ayla's youth...  feel I should do this more.  A lot more.  They grow up too quick.

 - Converting VHS tapes (or interesting bits of them) to DVD's...  For Xmas, we bought a dual VHS and DVD player which should make this a bit easier, because our old VHS player was having difficulty.  Still have lots of old self-recorded VHS tapes to go thru and see what's worth extracting from them... so we can throw the old tapes out.

 - Actually WATCHING DVD's and VHS tapes....  we have so many, but never have the free time to actually watch them.

 - Books too....  so many books, so little time spent looking at them.

 - Collections...  I have a really old stamp collection from when I was young...  several thousand stamps.  I haven't done anything with it in years.  Should probably learn how to use Ebay and sell it.  Beanie Babies too... we have 100+... not that they're worth much, but might as well get some money from them at some point, I suppose.  Old LP records, too.  Should record the songs off the LP records onto a digital format as well...  Cassette music tapes too.

 - Geneology...  compiling the info from my father, etc, and what I used to find on the internet, etc.

 - DIY projects at home...  not really hobbies, but there's a list of things to do that never really get done.

Jan. 2nd, 2015

I'm a little self-conscious about my on-line journal since I've had this job as an engineering teacher. Thinking that students / learners will somehow read it and ... whatever. I try to keep it pretty anonymous, yet I have this thing where I still want it public, although I can change privacy settings easily. Maybe I should change my settings... I'll think about it. I could say a lot more if it wasn't public. But do I really want to go down that road? No. I really need to make this more interesting, but not embarrassing.... Public but somewhat anonymous is best.

Less boring would be good.... but I'm very busy with other things lately....

Nights in White Satin

Another favourite song for my list... "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues

There are a lot of sappy videos people have put together for this song... but I finally found one of the band themselves which is fairly interesting. They're in Prague in this video, which reminds me of when we were there several years ago. It's a good place... and this is a good song.

Note: The Charles Bridge is seen in the video... so I went back to find a few pictures of the Charles Bridge in Prague that I had taken and posted several years ago and here they are (i.e. some pictures I took on the Charles Bridge).

What is the SHoF... and please stop

I'm cognisant that my journal has probably been pretty boring and uninspired lately.... that's how it feels to me anyway. I've been posting a lot of inductees to my so-called "Song Hall of Fame"... that's because I have a bit of a backlog and need to catch up... and I'm a little self-conscious about it... I mean, I'm not a sixteen year old kid... why do I care so much about rock songs?

I don't really have an answer for it. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess, and music has always been one of mine. I just really am interested in some music, the history of rock music, and I guess I'll never change. I also like to make lists... so I'm compiling this list of my favourite songs over time.

Way back in time, whenever I listened to the radio, I always used to think "yes, I'd have that song on my personal jukebox" or "no, I never want to hear that song again". Back in those days, the radio was the only random song player around... nowadays, of course, everyone has their own private random song player, their own private jukebox, if they want to... through their computer or iPhone or whatever. This music contest, or song hall of fame selection process, is just a way of "officially" deciding what songs belong in my "jukebox" (of life). So I add the songs to a list and I also can have an official playlist of favourite songs on my PC (or create CD's, which is what I tend to do from time to time).

So... altho this online journal is for ME, and I can do whatever I want, I tend to keep it public... so I sometimes feel self-conscious. I just wanted to explain a little why I tend to post about songs maybe more than is really necessary. I'd like to actually have some insightful and interesting things to say about each song, but that doesn't always happen. Lack of effort, probably. Sometimes I just want to get the song "out there" and add it to the list because of the backlog.

Here's the list, by the way (two lists actually)... which isn't currently quite up to date. I think it has 200 something songs on it so far.

Like button needed

Livejournal should have a Like button for lazy people like me who read things but are too lazy to comment... and just want to press Like to acknowledge they have read it and liked it.  Is Livejournal listening?

Lament for Whitney, and other things

At first I thought it was another of those internet hoaxes, like Jon Bon Jovi or I forget who else it was, which spread thru the internet a bit and was then revealed to be a death hoax. But no, this one is legit.

Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel last night. Linda and Jenny were big fans. When Jenny was young, they used to watch The Bodyguard. I certainly thought here voice was something special. The best around, probably. It's a shame she died at 48 years of age. No word on cause yet.

I've been thinking lately, lamenting about, also that I sometimes let pass some current events without so much as a mention in my journal. I'm always watching the news, and have great interest in things going on (even BESIDES politics) but I just haven't been in the mood to even mention them in my journal, much less have anything really intelligent to say about them.

I'm thinking specifically about, for instance, the death a few weeks ago, or was it a couple months ago, of Kim Jong Il in North Korea. That sort of thing is very interesting to me, but I just let it slide without much of a mention, or even a political cartoon or excerpt from a news article. Bugs me a little. Also thinking about the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy. Big events like that, which I've been watching about on the news over the past several weeks should really find their way into my journal.

My hardcopy journal gets this stuff, as I subscribe to Time magazine and snip out interesting photos and article bits from, to put into my journal, and have done for 25 or so years (weird, huh?) but it has just seemed unacceptable that I haven't been mentioning news events in my Livejournal as much as maybe I used to.

What I don't like about LJ

I've really fallen out of the habit of writing in livejournal over the past several months or a year or two. Facebook is at fault to some extent, and the fact I've been busy with school over the past year...

But there's one thing I need to get off my chest about LiveJournal. What is it with all this Russian Spam ???!?!!! I appreciate getting nice comments from LJ friends on the occasions I post things worthy of comment. But most of the things in my inbox are spam (which I block). Not like.

December 2005

Events from my hardcopy journal 5 years ago...

Wednesday, December 7, 2005           Glasgow

"Hooray!  Another volume for my journal." (Volume 65 begins...)  "You know, just in the past couple of months, I've been "blogging" on the internet using LiveJournal and this has meant that my actual written entries to this journal have decreased.  I've been dutifully taping in my LJ entries in here, tho, as the intent is to use LJ as I would otherwise use this journal..."

Here's an LJ entry on how fate brought Linda and I together.

Lots of other interesting LJ entries from then, too, I think...   but as far as events in my life, not much happening except Christmas shopping, working in Glasgow, going to the gym, going to Starbucks, etc.


November 2005

What happened about 5 years ago in November 2005 ?  In the continuing chronicle of my life, here's what happened:

 - Cleared out Aunt Irene's house.  She died in late Ocober 2005.

 - I start using entry tags in my Livejournal blog.

 - Linda and I decide to dislike Jamie Oliver because he killed a lamb on TV.  Well, she does.  I just dislike him because he's annoying.

 - Rose, the guinea pig, is murdered by our other guinea pigs.

- I go to coffee places a lot after work in Glasgow.

November 17th, 2005 in a Glasgow coffee place:

"So, I'm having a coffee and reading this newspaper article about coffee.

Coffee is very good for you, it says here. Yeah, it helps to protect against dementia, blocks a neurotransmitter that does something to cause Alzheimer's. It helps concentration... we knew that. Cures headaches. Helps with asthma symptoms. Prevents baldness (if you drink 60 to 80 cups a day, which I do). If you rub coffee on your thighs, it gets rid of cellulite. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee is a very good birth control method. Protects against gallstones, kidney stones, and lots of other stones as well. Protects against liver disease. Helps your bones (lattes only).... and lots, lots more.

So drink up."

Nothing again

At the coffee place so thought I'd place pen to paper and write something. It seems that lately I haven't really enjoyed writing as much as I used to. I obviously used to enjoy it as I've been carrying on with this journal either in written or typed form for the past nearly 25 years. But lately it seems almost a chore to get anything down in the journal. I run these silly little contests for song hall of fame or whatever hall of fame, and lately I just never seem in the mood to write about the songs or, more importantly, anything else.

Olympic Moment

I'm watching the US and Canada play each other in the Olympics... hockey, that is. I've largely ignored the Winter Olympics this year, actually. I'm not that much of a watcher of sports... but I do like the spectacle of big events like the olympics... I tend to like to watch the opening ceremonies but then when it comes to the actual sports, it doesn't much hold my interest. Much like right now, as I'm doing this instead of actually watching.

I've been thinking I should write in my journal more, so that's what I'm attempting to do. Maybe I'll try to get into that habit.... but that's enough for right now. LJ is best in small doses, I think.

Wow, they just showed Neil Young in the stands watching this hockey game !

Wish there was a "like" button

I do Facebook as well as Livejournal. Both have their good and bad points, but I keep wishing Livejournal had a "like" button (as Facebook does). Most of the time I feel like I can't be bothered to comment on friends posts, but it would be nice to let them know somehow that I am indeed reading it and I like the post.

I'm a lazy LJ'er.

The Ballad of John and Yoko

For the Song Hall of Fame.... "The Ballad of John and Yoko" by the Beatles

I love the way John put this together, chronicling his latest activities with Yoko, got Paul to help out on bass and drums, recorded it and put it out... Like a musical blog entry.

Sep. 8th, 2009

After much procrastination, I have finally applied for a UK passport... and next weekend I've been scheduled in for a little interview, which is required nowadays to get passports. The interview is in Dumfries, so that's convenient. I imagine I'll get my passport soon afterwards... they've already sent back my documents (US passport and certificate of UK citizenship).

We've booked a trip out to the western U.S. in late December... but I'll be using my US passport for that one anyway. The UK passport will probably be used to go to EU countries... in the future. We'll have to plan out some trips so I can make some good use of it.

Linda's feeling ill lately and is taking a few days off work. We've had an ill rabbit, Gizmo, as well, who seems to be on the mend... had a tooth problem. Tansy cat, who's now well into her teens, has also had a little operation lately to remove a lump on her stomach... but seems to be doing well afterwards.

Other than that, not much going on. The weather has been horrendous... all summer.


I wanted to mention... I know I'm a rubbish Livejournalist... probably too much cutting and pasting of news articles and too many music halls of fame things... maybe not enough about my real life. For real life stuff, I would probably want to do some friends-only posts and say what I REALLY think, but I just am not in the habit of doing that, for whatever reason.

I also want to say I'm rubbish at commenting on LJ friends' journals. Most of my LJ reading is done on my phone and sometimes there are reception problems on the train and it just seems like such a hassle to go to a comment page, write a comment, then get back to reading. So I'm rubbish, and I'm sorry.

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