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Surf's Up 1967 (Solo Version)

For the "list"... "Surf's Up 1967 (Solo Version)" by the Beach Boys

This is a bonus track off the 2011 Smile Sessions CD.... it's Brian Wilson solo (but on a Beach Boys album).

Note: As far as where this fits on my lists, I've gone back and forth with whether this should be considered a Beach Boys song or a Brian Wilson song, a 2011 song or a 1967 song... and whether this is "Surf's Up" or "Surf's Up 1967 (Solo Version)". There are arguments for both sides of each of those questions, I think. But... this is what I'm deciding: I'm treating this as a distinct song called "Surf's Up 1967 (Solo Version)" and NOT "Surf's Up". The 2011 Beach Boys release "Smile Sessions", which this appears on, is a compilation album... not an official release of the unreleased "Smile" LP... so as far as a year, I'm considering this to be a 1967 song (as opposed to the year it was actually released, 2011) as has been done with other songs from compilation albums on my list.... Since it appears in a Beach Boys album, I'm considering it a Beach Boys song and not a Brian Wilson solo release.

Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)

Another for my Song Hall of Fame... "Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)" by the Beach Boys

From the SMiLE sessions... Reminds me of Plymouth, Mass. and going to Plimoth Plantation with Linda. We went there and also went into an old time photography place and dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde that day... still have that pic up on the wall.

This video does not have the officially released version of the song (but a fan's mix of available snippets). The song was unreleased since being abandoned in 1967 until many many years later. But this video at least has a few interesting slides to look at while enjoying this (rather bizarre) song which sort of traces the development of America from the pilgrims thru the western frontier and ending up in Hawaii...

I like, but them not like so much

And these are the music artists in my top 100 but only in the top 300-400 of this website:

Diff in rank my rank Artist

389 89 The Damned
346 96 Manic Street Preachers
343 69 Squeeze
309 34 Derek & the Dominos
299 17 Brian Wilson
289 31 Gang of Four
259 60 Moby
248 91 Alanis Morissette
221 90 Madness
212 93 Sweet

Top 25 Favourite Recording Artists

Last time I made a list like this was back in 2010 and it was the top 100.  Three years ago.  Well, things can change in three years...  not TOO much, but a bit.  The artists in the top 25 are all the same but I've changed the order a little, mainly based on how many songs have been added to my favourites list in the past three years (but not ONLY based on that).

So here is the new list:

1 The Beatles (Still at number 1, more highlights are noted below)
2 Bob Dylan
3 The Doors
4 The Beach Boys (up 2 places... tied with the Beatles with 17 songs)
5 John Lennon
6 The Clash (up 3 places, have 8 songs)
7 Leonard Cohen
8 Johnny Cash
9 Ramones (down 4 places... just 5 songs on list, less than others)
10 George Harrison
11 The Kinks (down 3 places, have 6 songs)
12 Donovan
13 Neil Young
14 The Sex Pistols
15 T. Rex
16 Chuck Berry
17 Brian Wilson (up 4 places)
18 Frank Black
19 Nirvana
20 Weezer
21 Run-DMC (down 4 places, still no HoF songs)
22 Elvis Costello
23 Pink Floyd
24 Joni Mitchell
25 Bruce Springsteen

(others have moved only two places or less either way)

Surf City

Another for my list of favourite songs... "Surf City" by Jan and Dean

A Brian Wilson song that Jan and Dean scored a number one hit with before the Beach Boys even achieved a number one... it's a great song with a great feel to it. Not much else to say except "two girls for every boy" always sounded pretty good to me.

Let's Put Our Hearts Together

For the S.H.O.F......  "Let's Put Our Hearts Together" by the Beach Boys

It's a duet between Brian and his wife Marilyn.... poignant because they would divorce not long after this.  From the 1977 Love You album.

My Diane

Wow, it's been months since a song has been inducted into my Song Hall of Fame....  but here's one:  "My Diane" by the Beach Boys.

It's a little known gem written by Brian Wilson and sung by Dennis Wilson which came out in the dark days of the 1970's on the MIU Album... a pitiful horrendous album but this is a great song off it.

Here's a not so great slide-show video (just two pix!) with a not so great recording of the great song.  I like sad songs.

January 2002

Goings on (from my journal) in January 2002:

  - I'm staying in Jordanhill, Glasgow during the week... working at BAE Systems.  My leased Rover automobile went back before Xmas so I don't have a car.  Linda has ordered a new Vauxhall Corsa so I will be using her old one after the new one arrives.  In the meantime, I use the train for my weekly excursions back home to Dumfries.

  -  Linda's father meets with specialists to discuss what treatment options he may have with his lung cancer.  It's been a hard time for everyone.

  - Friends Jane and Hugh have a baby girl, Lydia.

  - Linda and I go to see Brian Wilson for the first time at the SECC in Glasgow.  He plays Pet Sounds in its entirety.


Another addition to my Song Hall of Fame.... "Vega-Tables" by the Beach Boys.

Ahhh, another song from SMiLE.  This is about healthy living.  Done at a time when, pehaps, Brian Wilson's health was on a downward slide, mentally as well as physically.  The song almost wills a turnaround... as if the song would become reality, but ultimately it didn't...  In subsequent years, he'd gain a lot of weight and live pretty unhealthily, until Dr. Landy helped him in the '70's and '80's.

That's how I look at the song, anyway.  A song about health... with a good dose of humour (ie the SMiLE bit).

Here's a nice little video someone made, which is entertaining while listening to the song...


For inclusion in my Song Hall of Fame.....   "Wonderful" by the Beach Boys.

From the SMiLE album that was not to be, in 1967...  the song subsequently came out in Smiley Smile.  I just like the tune.  Childlike, nice...  Wilson's "solo" version from his SMiLE release a few years ago is already in my Song Hall of Fame as well.

I Wanna Pick You Up

 Another favourite Beach Boys song, for induction into my Song HoF... "I Wanna Pick You Up".  

Another Dennis song... well, he sings most of it, but I think Brian wrote most of it if I'm not mistaken, as it's very Brianesque.  A nice little song, especially as it's about babies, and our baby grandchild Adam is now a part of our extended family. 

But is Dennis really singing about a baby in this ?  Or someone he wants to TREAT like a baby.  <shivers>.  A bit odd, in that he says "'cause you're still a baby to me".  That's always bothered me slightly, to be honest.

Passing By

"Passing By", an instrumental from the Beach Boys (ie Brian Wilson), has bubbled up to the top of my little song competition thing that I do affectionately known as my Song Hall of Fame.  It's from the great post-surf late '60's era of the Beach Boys when they unfortunately waned in popularity... but still, as ever, put out great music.  This instrumental is from the Friends album, one of my favourites... 


This video is one I found posted on YouTube.... "Passing By" with film footage of the 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland. Other Beach Boys songs after as well. Nicely put together little video, I thought.

Personal Favorite Rock Artists List

A website I look at asked people to compile their lists, so I spent some time this morning arranging it thusly  (as well as a short early influence list at the bottom):

ranking of my 100 favorite "rock" artists (Oct 26, 2010)

1 The Beatles
2 Bob Dylan
3 The Doors
4 John Lennon
5 Ramones
6 The Beach Boys
7 Leonard Cohen
8 The Kinks
9 The Clash
10 Johnny Cash
11 Neil Young
12 George Harrison
13 T.Rex
14 Donovan
15 Chuck Berry
16 The Sex Pistols
17 Run-DMC
18 Nirvana
19 Frank Black
20 Weezer
21 Brian Wilson
22 Joni Mitchell
23 Elvis Costello
24 Pink Floyd
25 Bruce Springsteen
26 Big Audio Dynamite
27 Gang of Four
28 Public Enemy
29 Van Morrison
30 The Rolling Stones
31 The Who
32 Elvis Presley
33 The B-52's
34 Sly & the Family Stone
36 Creedence Clearwater Revival
37 Derek and the Dominoes
38 Jerry Lee Lewis
39 Eddie Cochran
40 Jackson 5
41 Paul McCartney
42 Led Zeppelin
43 James Brown
44 REM
45 Byrds
46 Pixies
47 Ike and Tina Turner
48 Janis Joplin
49 Richard and Linda Thompson
50 Michael Jackson
51 Paul Simon
52 Devo
53 Jimi Hendrix
54 Blondie
55 Talking Heads
56 Al Green
57 The Muffs
58 James Taylor
59 Marvin Gaye
60 David Bowie
61 Prince
62 Beck
63 Moby
64 The Jam
65 Curtis Mayfield
66 Stevie Wonder
67 Temptations
68 Grateful Dead
69 Squeeze
70 Steve Miller Band
71 Cat Stevens
72 Radiohead
73 NWA
74 Alice Cooper
75 Jimmy Cliff
76 Green Day
77 Arctic Monkeys
78 The Hives
79 The Mamas & the Papas
80 Neil Diamond
81 Isley Brothers
82 Rod Stewart
83 Keith West
84 The Band
85 Everly Brothers
86 Buddy Holly
87 Cheap Trick
88 Otis Redding
89 The Damned
90 Madness
91 Manic Street Preachers
92 Barry White
93 Shonen Knife
94 Sweet
95 Eric Clapton
96 Dead Milkmen
97 Alanis Morissette
98 The Waterboys
99 Adam Ant
100 Norman Greenbaum

early influence:
1 Hank Williams
2 Carter Family
3 Woody Guthrie
4 Nat King Cole
5 Frank Sinatra
6 Dean Martin
7 Richard Wagner
8 Bill Monroe
9 Robert Johnson
10 Bing Crosby
11 Flatt & Scruggs
12 Billie Holiday
13 Huddie William "Lead Belly" Ledbetter
14 Al Jolson
15 Slim Whitman



Summer 2005

Five years ago in my life....

June 2005

 - Linda, Jenny, Andy and I go to Ireland for the weekend...  flying from Edinburgh...  for Nicole's 21st birthday celebrations.  We attended the party in Skerries and a dinner in Dublin.

 - Mistletoe the rabbit dies.

 - Linda and I see the musical production of "High Society" in Edinburgh

July 2005

 - The old black Vauxhall Corsa fails its MOT, and I start thinking about getting another car...  

 - We go to a Chuck Berry concert at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall...  but Chuck Berry didn't show up (or showed up late, actually) so the concert was cancelled.

 - I buy my new car...  a new SEAT Ibiza.

 - We go to a Brian Wilson concert in Glasgow.... our fourth time.

 - Linda's Aunt Irene is in the hospital after having mini-strokes and a bowel infection.

 - One of Joy's horses hurts its leg badly and needs to see specialists in Edinburgh.

 - We get two bunnies, Serena and Sam.

- I start using Livejournal for my on-line blog...

August 2005

 - We have a free mini holiday at a resort place near Girvan because of a timeshare presentation we had gone to a while back.  We go to see Culzean Castle and a few Burns-related National Trust properties in Ayrshire.  We also drive down the coast to Portpatrick.  We look for Sawney Bean's cave, but miss it.

 - Aunt Irene is very poorly in the hospital.  We make frequent visits.

 - After incessant badgering from Linda, I join a gym and start to go regularly after work in Glasgow.


On Brian Wilson's website, he quashes rumours that there will be a Beach Boys reunion tour next year... a rumour possibly somehow encouraged by Mike Love, who tours using the Beach Boys name.

Brian Wilson fans probably think that's a good thing, on the whole, as Mike Love is generally unloved by them.

Here's what it says on Wilson's website:

"Jun 22, 2010

Statement on the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary

As The Beach Boys approach 2011-2012 touring season, which will mark their 50th anniversary as a band, speculation continues to grow among fans and media as to reunion possibilities among all the original surviving members. In response to recent stories Mike Love had the following comments: "The Beach Boys continue to tour approximately 150 shows a year in multiple countries. At this time there are no plans for my cousin Brian to rejoin the tour. He has new solo projects on the horizon and I wish him love and success. We have had some discussions of writing and possibly recording together, but nothing has been planned. I, as I'm sure he is, am proud and honored that The Beach Boys music has endured these 50 years, but felt the need to clarify that there are no current 'reunion' tour plans."

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