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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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Autumn 1996

In September 1996, from my journal:

- Sept 1: "F and I moved into our new home in Salem after the closing on Friday. We bought a condo at 35 Essex St. in Salem... We're a few blocks from the House of Seven Gables, a few blocks from Salem Common."

- Business is slower than it's been, and my employer Teradyne has dramatically curtailed use of subcontractors and temps... and then laid off 300 (but not me).

- Our cat Geronimo died (was staying with my parents). Not sure what happened but he was found dead in the back yard.

October 1996

- Went to a family reunion in New Hope, PA. "I wasn't too into it, tho, and F had a little tantrum and left early. I rode back with my parents."

- "F and I haven't been getting along too well over the past few weeks" ... "it's related to my contacting RB this summer. F and I are getting along better now, tho..."

- Irving the cat is back living with us.

- Oct 30: "I'm voting for Perot again. We need an insane non-politician in the White House."

- We host a Halloween party in our new Salem condo. I am a wizard and F is a witch.

November 1996

- Nov 5: "Today's election day and I just voted... For president, I decided to vote for a 3rd party candidate... I was either going to vote for the Libertarian, Natural Law candidate, or Ross Perot (Reform Party)... n I don't think any of them have a chance of actually winning, but Perot has the best chance so I voted for him..."

- Clinton wins with 50% of the vote and 31 states. Bob Dole got 41% and 19 states. Perot got 9% and no states.

- F turns 30 and we have a party at her mother's.

- F and I consider getting an Old English Sheepdog and we take a look at one called Rambo. We don't.

- We go on a 7 day Caribbean cruise with F's mother, grandmother and my mother. San Juan, PR to Barbados to Saint Lucia to St. Barts to Tortola to St. Thomas to San Juan again.

about 15 years ago... Jan - April 1996

Events in my life 15 years ago... from my journal:

January 1996

  - Nephew Peter is a month old and Nephew Michael is about a year and a half.  Unfortunately, I turn 31.  "I got a walkman from my parents.  Michael liked Pearl Jam when it came thru the Walkman...  Petie was more into Nirvana..."

February 1996

 - Primary season starts !!  (which I'm always interested in)    Bob Dole wins the Iowa caucuses.  Pat Buchanan comes in 2nd after having already won contests in Louisiana and Alaska.  Then the NH primary...Buchanan beats Dole there.  Steve Forbes wins the Delaware primary and then the Arizona primary.  Dole wins in ND and SD.  The race is wide open!

March 1996

 - "We went over to Brian and Debbie's on Sunday.  Michael is repeating words now.  What a smart kid...  Peter hasn't shown the same intelligence, but give him time, he's just two months old..."   Michael "likes to run at you full speed so you have to grab him and pick him up.  He rolls a ball across the floor and says "bowling."  Now that's smart !  Peter's OK too."

 - Today was the Massachusetts primary (aswell as 7 or 8 other states).  I voted for Forbes.  I go for those non-politician types..."  Dole wins all the primaries, so pulls ahead of the others and looks like he is going to get the nomination.

 - "F and I had a nice weekend last weekend...  We went down to Yarmouth on Cape Cod and stayed at a place called the Ocean Club.  It was a great place !    It had a jacuzzi, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms,  3 TV's, a fireplace, a kitchen, a nice view, 3 beds... a little more than we needed, but since it was in the off-season, it didn't cost much for what we got.  I really enjoyed it...  We walked on the beach a little, went out to dinner at a nice restaurant...  On Sunday we drove over to the Cape Cod National Seashore, to Nauset Light, then over to the Natural History Museum in Brewster where we took a nature walk.

F slipped waist-deep into the marsh...

She was jumping over some water onto a little island but she jumped too far and went right into the deep water up to her waist.  It was more funny than traumatic.  Good thing the weather was pretty nice...  not too cold...   We walked back up to the Natural History Museum and she changed into some dry clothes..."

April 1996

 - My father turns 56 and there's a family get-together at my parents' house.

March 1988

Twenty years ago in my life:

Age: 23
Student at Umass
Home: Sunderland, MA

- I voted for Bob Dole (more of a vote against George H.W. Bush) in the Massachusetts Republican Primary.

- Midterm exams. This was my last semester at UMass.

- My parents took a trip to California.

- Girlfriend F-Word and I took a short trip to New York City. We found it overpriced and overly cold. Arguments included when to cross the street, and whether or not to take a taxi (her) or walk (me). Things we did and saw in NYC included: Staten Island Ferry trip, top of the World Trade Center, Greenwich Village, The Dakota (John Lennon's apartment building), Central Park (including Strawberry Fields), Rockefeller Center, Hard Rock Cafe and Times Square.

- Upon returning from NYC trip, girlfriend and I broke up (again) temporarily.

- I did a mock interview at the University Career Center in preparation for real ones to come.
In early March of 1988, I was a young (well, 23 years old) voter living in Western Mass where I was attending University.  At that time, Michael Dukakis was running for the Democratic nomination and was pretty much guaranteed to win Massachusetts. (other Dems running included Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt and others).

So, since that was the case, I decided to vote in the Republican primary.  The Republicans running that year included George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, Pat Robertson, Jack Kemp and others...  I had a maniacal dislike for George Bush (who was the front-runner, and eventual winner), so I decided to cast my vote for Bob Dole.  I sort of had liked Pat Robertson early on, but probably more as a quirky fascination rather than serious support.

Here are journal entries from the time:

U.S. politics 20 years ago

I used to have some old journal entries and other info on a website which is now defunct, so I wanted to now save it here... it's about the Democrats in 1987 and 1988...  bear with me, it's not all that interesting...


John Edwards

I think I support John Edwards most, for the Democratic nomination for President... I never liked Hillary, and Barack Obama smokes cigarettes... bleugh.

Here are some excerpts from Yahoo! about Edwards' campaign:

Edwards presses on with 2008 campaign

WASHINGTON - Democrat John Edwards said Thursday that his presidential campaign "goes on strongly" in the face of a repeat cancer diagnosis for his wife, Elizabeth, a somber development that thrust his White House bid into uncharted territory.

The couple revealed that Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer had spread to her bone during a news conference designed to reassure the public about the prognosis for her health and his candidacy.

"The bottom line is, her cancer is back," said John Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee and former senator, at a news conference in their hometown of Chapel Hill, N.C. "We are very optimistic about this, because having been through some struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up and keep moving and be strong."


Other candidates have faced cancer in their families and have not let it slow their campaign. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ran for re-election this year despite his wife's diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in 2002.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has had repeat occurrences of skin cancer. McCain rival Rudy Giuliani is a prostate cancer survivor, as was 1996 Republican nominee Bob Dole and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry.

Democrat Paul Tsongas made his survival from cancer an issue in his 1992 campaign for the Democratic nomination. He lost the primary to Bill Clinton. Tsongas' cancer later returned and he died three years later.

(snipped rest)

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