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Jul. 21st, 2009

Argh !!!! My new replacement iPhone came today and Linda was home to receive it at the door but it turns out they needed my old phone in order to hand over my new phone. I don't think they told me this when I had called the other day, at least they didn't make that clear. And my old phone is with me, not at home. I guess I assumed they would just give me an envelope or something to send the old phone back in, not collect it at the door.... So I've had to reschedule delivery for later in the week when Linda can be available again.

In the meantime, I have Linda's phone (my old Blackberry) while she's using an old phone of hers. This phone has Blondie's intro to "Sunday Girl" on it for a ringtone. I hope nobody calls me.

So why

So why did I get an iPhone 3G instead of a new Blackberry Bold ? Well, the phone store made my choice easy for me... they didn't have the Blackberry Bold yet.

So the iPhone is taking a little getting used to. Overall, I think I wish I'd waited for the Blackberry Bold, but hey, maybe I'll get used to the differences. I'll adapt. I'm adaptable.


I'm due to get a new phone and thought I might go for an iPhone... I read this article in the Telegraph, tho, which suggests the new Blackberry Bold might be worth going with. So now I'm not sure...

"The battle for the hearts, minds and wallets of mobile phone owners enters a new phase this weekend with the launch of the BlackBerry Bold.

RIM, the Canadian company behind the BlackBerry, the mobile email device beloved of businessmen and travelling salesmen, is making a concerted effort to appeal to a much wider audience - ordinary people, like you and me, rather than hedge fund managers and captains of industry - and the Bold is its most ambitious attempt yet.

The sleek, stylish phone has all the classic BlackBerry hallmarks - from the qwerty keyboard for tapping out emails to the capacity to open and edit documents - but it's also one of the best entertainment devices BlackBerry has produced, with a really good music player and the ability to show videos on the crisp, clear screen.
BlackBerry has had to raise its game following Apple's entry into the mobile phone market with the iPhone - the newest version, the iPhone 3G, hit shops last month. The Apple has been, by and large, a critical and commercial success. It has also raised the bar in terms of public expectations.

At its heart, the iPhone is an iPod, so it's got music and video playback pretty much licked. It's also a fantastic tool for surfing the web, because it operates on both the high-speed 3G mobile phone network and in wireless hotspots, and the touch-screen interface means people can view web pages as they would on a normal computer.

It means that other mobile phone manufacturers have had to think much more carefully about the user experience. The Bold has been designed with this almost entirely in mind…


Overall view

iPhone 3g: If the iPhone had the ability to edit documents on the go, it would be the perfect business device. As it stands, it is probably better suited to consumers, but its ease of use, superb multimedia capabilities and the ability to add software make it one of the best all-round handsets on the market.

BlackBerry Bold:The BlackBerry Bold, quite simply, does more than the iPhone. It looks better than any of its predecessors, too, but email and professional uses are always going to be the priorities for this device. If they're your priority as well, then it's a superb machine - carrying it says you mean business."

Full article here.

The rail line that I take to work has been shut down for repairs for the past two weeks, so I’ve been taking a replacement bus.  What a monumental waste of money for the train company.  They have these huge luxurious buses, at least two leaving Dumfries heading towards Kilmarnock at the time I leave, and they’re always empty except for me and one or two other passengers.   And they don’t even collect fares (although I had stupidly bought a monthly ticket at the beginning of July anyway)…
So two weeks of huge gas guzzling buses with nobody on them going up and down the road when they could’ve gotten away with hiring a taxi to do the same job.
Hooray, we're going to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo tomorrow night.  Friends of ours got the tickets and asked us the other day.


Next week I only work until Wednesday and then we’re off to sunny Costa de la Luz.  We fly to Faro, Portugal and stay a bit across the border in Spain.  We’ll be there a week.   Don’t know if I’ll bother bringing my phone to make blog entries with.  Readers will just have to use their imagination.
While we’re away, a friend has kindly volunteered to house-sit and take care of all our pets, which has recently grown by a rabbit and a guinea pig.  We now have 6 rabbits, 5 guinea pigs, as well as the usual 3 cats, 2 gerbils, fish, snails, dog and horse.
Jenny picked out a wedding dress yesterday.  She’s made a couple trips up north with a few friends and Linda, but decided on one yesterday afternoon in Dunfermline.

Concert at Castle

French Rotten Flower

Two pix of the Leonard Cohen concert at Edinburgh Castle last night I took with my phone. Unfortunately, Leonard is too small to see, but you get the overall venue... 


Apr. 24th, 2008

Ack!! I got my latest mobile phone bill yesterday. It appears I'm using my mobile a little more than usual lately to access the internet. The bill wasn't huge huge but was about 2O pounds extra this month. I normally don't pay extra or maybe just a little because I get X amount of data free, but this time it was a bit more than I'm used to.

I blame all this to and froing on the train and the fact that I really don't use the internet at work other than for work purposes (of course!)... so maybe I've used my mobile once or twice on the sly at work to check something or other.

Anyway, I'm going to have to cut back and save my money for more important things... like, I don't know, guinea pig food.

Training wheels

Taking the train back and forth to work is very compatible with listening to my music on the phone and reading the paper or LJ without the possibility of crashing the car and dying in a horrific fire ball. I like it.

I've also noticed that they're checking peoples' tickets more this month than they did when I first started taking the train. They probably read my LJ entry on that subject a few weeks ago and sent a Scotrail interoffice email around to the ticket checkers.

The train is late today, by the way, so if you're reading again Scotrail... I'd like to register a complaint

Calvary... the hill not the horses

The wind turbines on a hill on the horizon remind me of Calvary... As the halleluah chorus starts up on my phone music player waiting for the train.

Feb. 2nd, 2008

I wrote a newsy little email to a friend today in a coffee shop while waiting for Linda who was getting her hair done.... so thought I'd copy an excerpt here...

How are the kids and wife doing?  My stepdaughter Jenny (age 23 now) just got engaged to her longterm boyfriend Andy over the holiday period...  So we're pleased about that and looking forward to a wedding next year.  Andy and Jenny have been together for about 7 or 8 years believe it or not. They first went out when she was about 15 not too long after I arrived on the scene... And they've been together ever since.  They were even together up at the same University in Edinburgh for a while, altho he graduated about a year before her.  Now they're both teachers...  He's a phyd ed teacher at the same school Linda teaches at and Jenny is a primary school teacher at a small village school outside of Dumfries.

I'm thinking of joining the family profession too...  Considering going back to school and becoming a high school math teacher...  I'm still unemployed and can't seem to find a job in engineering that's within driving distance of Dumfries.  There are only a few companies around here.  I had one verbal job offer that later fell thru, and I'm a bit frustrated at this point.  Not having to go to work every day has its clear advantages but I'm a bit too young to be a retiree just yet.  Luckily we're financially OK just on Linda's salary as we don't have outstanding debts...  The house and cars are paid for etc...  But I guess I need to figure out what to do instead of sitting around the house and walking the dog.  Actually, in some ways, being off work has been a real advantage in that there have been times recently when Linda's mother has needed a ride to somewhere and the horse had needed to be brought in and out everyday due to being too fat.  Linda's been very supportive and figures I've been off for a reason, as its worked out pretty well.

Book Signing

Took these pix with my phone.  I had never heard of Monty Roberts until recently but apparently he's quite famous among horsey people.  He's helped out the Queen a few times, you know...


Still mad at my phone


I'm still mad at my phone.  I don't like my new Blackberry as much as my old, dead Xda IIs.  The Blackberry has a smaller screen, not a touch screen like my old one, the QWERTY keyboard is smaller, it came with a smaller sized memory card so I'm not able to put as much music on it, and...  I guess I'm just not liking it as much.

I wish I had sent out my old one to be repaired instead of gotten a new one...  but that probably would've taken forever.  I still have the old one, and may still try to get it fixed, but since I've already upgraded to this Blackberry, my insurance won't pay for fixing the old one anymore.

Stupid phone.


Hey, i just got a call from someone recruiting for IBM in Dublin...  which is no good for me 'cause I don't live in Dublin...  but they say the job is 75% travel and you get to go home every weekend.  Probably beats being unemployed, and IBM is a good company, so they're going to send me the job spec anyway.  It's do do with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, which I know a bit about...

Silver and Black Blackberry

I went to the phone shop this morning and upgraded my broken phone to a Blackberry...  but I'm not happy.

I'm going to see if I can get my old phone sent out to be repaired (if it don't cost nuthin, as I have phone insurance)...  because I still like my old one better.


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