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Jan. 25th, 2015

Been bugged that some of my half dozen or so little hobbies have been neglected lately.  Just no time.  Here's a list of my riduculous little neglected hobbies that have fallen by the wayside:

 - Geographing... I have a backlog of pictures dating back to the time I was in my previous job traveling around.  Now that I have a new GPS, I think I'm going to start focusing back on geographing a little more... probably more locally than before, tho.  Hiking, walking out in the great outdoors would be good.  Need to put the backlog of pictures into the website, tho...  when I get a chance.

 - Hard-copy journal...  I have spent some time on this lately over the recent holidays... but still have quite a backlog of little news articles and whatnot that I want to archive in my journal.  It bugs when the stuff I finally get to put in is a year old.... old news.  Hard to keep up.  This is the hobby I've been spending the most time on lately, tho.

 - Song Hall of Fame...  I listen to my iphone music player when I drive to work or walk the dog...  but putting the songs in my LJ journal has not been happening lately.  I have about a dozen and a half to put in, as well as updating the lists.

 - My Recording Artist Hall of Fame (DRAHOF)...  haven't been doing this for years now, but it's something I want to revisit at some point.

 - Great Scots.... that's another list on my LJ journal that died out...  but nothing really ever totally dies out with me.  I love lists.

 - Chronicle of my life...  stopped doing this for some reason, but need to revisit.  Eventually, I'll have a chronicle of everything that I've been doing since I began my journal in 1986... not that most of it is very interesting...  but it'll all be compiled somehow somewhere at some time.

 - Chronicling Adam and Ayla's youth...  feel I should do this more.  A lot more.  They grow up too quick.

 - Converting VHS tapes (or interesting bits of them) to DVD's...  For Xmas, we bought a dual VHS and DVD player which should make this a bit easier, because our old VHS player was having difficulty.  Still have lots of old self-recorded VHS tapes to go thru and see what's worth extracting from them... so we can throw the old tapes out.

 - Actually WATCHING DVD's and VHS tapes....  we have so many, but never have the free time to actually watch them.

 - Books too....  so many books, so little time spent looking at them.

 - Collections...  I have a really old stamp collection from when I was young...  several thousand stamps.  I haven't done anything with it in years.  Should probably learn how to use Ebay and sell it.  Beanie Babies too... we have 100+... not that they're worth much, but might as well get some money from them at some point, I suppose.  Old LP records, too.  Should record the songs off the LP records onto a digital format as well...  Cassette music tapes too.

 - Geneology...  compiling the info from my father, etc, and what I used to find on the internet, etc.

 - DIY projects at home...  not really hobbies, but there's a list of things to do that never really get done.

October and November, 1998

Goings on in my journal 10 years ago....

Thursday, October 8, 1998, Natick

 "F and I filed for divorce... a joint petition for divorce on the grounds of irretreivable breakdown of the marriage...  Filed our notarized Agreement of Seperation (who gets what)... and our financial statements...  We should get a hearing date in about a month.  Took half a day off from work and got it done today with F in Salem.  Of course, she was totally unprepared, so it took a bit longer, but we got it done... and, for the most part, without money-grubbing, slimy-skinned, pin-head lawyers !!  Tomorrow, I take off for Scotland... for a two week stay and hopefully longer if Yarrow gets their finger out...

There was a layoff at work today (again) but I didn't get laid off...  And my boss told me my job is safe for the foreseeable future... so, at least if I NEED to come back because I don't have a job in Scotland yet, I'll still be employed at MKS.

Let's see... what else... last weekend we celebrated Brian's birthday... First we went to watch Michael play soccer... he's on the Red team, and they played the Purple team...  He did pretty good...  I got Brian a Mexican blanket I bought at the Topsfield Fair... when I went with Tim and Andy the other day."

Wednesday, October 14, 1998, Dumfries

 "Yarrow said I have the job except they still have to finish their bleeding paperwork for the work permit...  Yay !"

Saturday, October 31, 1998, Natick

"Boo.  It's Halloween...

I've been back in Natick for a week now...  just mowed the lawn for the last time this year probably.  I'm waitin' on Yarrow to send me my job offer... and for the work permit to be granted...  Then I'll head back to Scotland... probably in early December...  My divorce hearing is coming up this Wednesday... so hopefully that will go smoothly...

My parents just got back from China... my mother bought 48 beanie babies... they're cheap in China 'cause that's where they make them... "

November 4, 1998, Natick

"Today I got a divorce.  F and I had our divorce hearing in Salem this morning...  everything went smoothly... We had to wait about an hour and a half, tho, before it was our turn... But when we went up, it went OK... The judge blessed our divorce and sent us on our way.  It'll be "final" in 120 days...

I don't want to callously dispose of eight years of my life with just a sentence or two in my journal.  This divorce is a major event in my life... There is a little sadness for the way my marriage with F ended...  There were good times as well as bad and I would have never predicted years ago what has happened today..."

Linda says


Linda says:

We have been busy putting up Christmas trees - the big one had pride of place in the conservatory. Jenny and Andy are putting up their first tree in their new flat - very exciting. We got them 2 joined beanie babies saying 'Our First Christmas'.

We had problems yesterday - we were due to have 2 sofas be delivered and only one was delivered due to a 'picking' error. We were really angry. The other one is being delivered next Friday and it means Darrin staying home for another complete day so I am not amused.

Rotten Luck


Today we had the worst luck.  Linda and I drove down to the Gretna Gateway Outlet  Village to get Jenny some luggage we had intended to get her for Xmas...  pink luggage...  Anyway, so we go down there... 20 miles... and just as we were at the cash register about to purchase it, the power goes down in the entire place.  We wait a bit, but the power doesn't come back on, so instead of buying the luggage and getting an inadequate receipt, we decided to go out and walk around until it gets fixed....  still no good after 20 minutes or so... so we go over to a nice nearby pub and wait it out a little over there figuring by the time we have some tomato basil soup and diet coke, it'd be fixed...  but, no...  by the time we went back the whole place was dark, the store was locked and deserted with our unpurchased luggage inside.....  So now we're going to have to make a WHOLE 'NOTHER trip down there tomorrow...  UNLUCKY !  I suppose it could've been worse.  At least I had a FASCINATING STORY to put into my LiveJournal.  YEAH !!!!!

And now this...  I was tagged by kylesmum to do the following, so I shall...
1. Thank the person that tagged you.
2. List 5 random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag 5 other people

Thanks Kylesmum!

1. I wear Hawaiian shirts in all weather, all seasons

2. I collect beanie babies (with Linda).  We have nearly 100.

3. I like watching films in the theatre, but not particularly on DVD / TV...  would rather watch something else instead of a film, usually...

4. I voted for Reagan in 1984, Dukakis in '88, Perot in '92, Perot in '96, no one in '00 and Nader in '04.

5. I'm being subjected to "Wedding Crashers" on DVD at this very moment... sigh.  :-(

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