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Mar. 30th, 2015

A nice sculptured stone we came across today on the shores of Derwentwater:

Mar. 22nd, 2015

Was thinking about a puzzle I had when I was a kid... It had super heroes on it including Tornado Man, Diaper Man and Rope Man. Found it on google images:

Aug. 15th, 2014

I feel like I should do something with my life. Write a book. Or a book of poems. Or paint pictures. Or play the guitar. Not just work at some job.

I do have a "life's work"... which is my hard copy journal that I've kept since 1986... 93 volumes... but I feel I should turn it into something maybe. Is it really very interesting, tho? Most of it nowadays contains news clippings about this and that... Iraq and Ebola and Vladimir Putin and whatever. Not very interesting... altho I edit out the REALLY uninteresting bits.

I'm more of an editor than a writer. I'm too lazy to be a writer. Lazy on the one hand, but even if I wasn't, I don't feel I really have enough time for myself to be a writer. Even tho I'm unemployed at the moment.

Cortez the Killer

Also for my Song Hall of Fame... "Cortez the Killer" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

An epic song about the Spanish conquest of the Latin American indigenous people...

Glasgow School of Art building

Watching the news... there was a fire at Charles Rennie Mackintosh's architectural masterpiece The Glasgow School of Art building... It's been badly damaged, along with the student and other artwork inside. A real shame. Tragedy.

I've never been there, but I've been to other Macintosh properties. Linda and I always liked his designs. His architecture and artwork is an iconic part of the Glasgow landscape.

Spanish Caravan

Being added to my personal "Song Hall of Fame" list of favourite songs... "Spanish Caravan" by The Doors

We've been to Spain a few times on holiday, and specifically we've been to Andalucía in southwestern Spain when we went to a nice place on the coast at Isla Canela... it was a good holiday. Andalucía is mentioned in the song so it actually makes me think of our holiday there... and another one when we went to Marbella and Estepona for a wedding.

This song has long been a favourite and The Doors are one of my top favourite bands...

The video below shows some photos and artworks of Salvador Dali. A bit bizarre, but interesting.


We went to Glenkiln Reservoir today with Jenny, Andy and the kids... to roll Easter eggs. We parked where the John the Baptist statue by Rodin used to be, but all the statues have been taken away for safe keeping since one of the big Henry Moore sculptures got stolen several months ago. It's a shame they're all gone. I've only been there once before, a long, long time ago.

Anyway, we rolled eggs from the little hill where the John the Baptist statue used to be. Well, Adam threw them rather than rolled them. Some ended up in the river for the fish and some were left on the hill for the birds.

Back in Ireland again

I'm staying in Waterford tonight, which seems quite nice. Too tired to walk around and see it, tho. Not much fun anyway without Linda with me... Maybe we'll both come back here someday... The Waterford Crystal place is just down the street from where I'm staying, and there's medieval history and Viking history type places.

On the way over from Wexford, where I was earlier today, I went thru an interesting looking place, New Ross. They were big on John F. Kennedy there. Apparently the Kennedies' ancestral home is nearby. JFK visited New Ross during his presidency, and he's commemorated there with a statue and what looked like an eternal flame.


It was a drizzly, rainy day so I ended up going into the Landesmuseum Wurttemburg (State Museum of Wurttemburg) in Stuttgart which ended up being pretty interesting. I explored the history and artefacts of Wurttemburg which was a kingdom here until World War I. Saw the crown jewels, some prehistoric art, very nice religious carvings from the Middle Ages, Roman history of the area, etc etc etc. (not in that order). It was worth my while. I also walked around outside in Stuttgart a bit, in the shopping areas and in the park.

Apr. 10th, 2013

Linda and I celebrated our 14th anniversary a few days ago.  We bought a nice little picture of Dumfries town centre's Midsteeple for each other. It's by a local artist...


Mar. 27th, 2013

Snowing again today, but not too bad.  Just got back from a half day trip to Glasgow for work...  Also had a half day trip up to Edinburgh on Monday.  Nothing overnight this week, tho.

I get a free car wash when I use my Nectar card at a local petrol station, so today I took the van thru the automated car wash.... remind me to think twice about doing that again...  it was a very tight squeeze... a bit of a harrowing experience, actually.

We have grandson Adam visiting us tomorrow and it looks like Linda has plans to paint some eggs for Easter.  On the weekend, we've been invited to go along to Glenkiln to roll some eggs.  I haven't been to Glenkiln in a long time... it's a place not far from here that has some Henry Moore and Rodin sculptures around a picturesque reservoir.

Mar. 23rd, 2013

Saw a few murals in Belfast as I had a little extra time before the ferry. Took some pix for the geograph website which I do.

Got a free pizza on the ferry because they completely forgot to make my order. I said I'll just take my money back, which I got, then they went ahead and made me a pizza anyway.

L'Amour Est Bleu (Love Is Blue)

Another song for my collection of favourite songs, otherwise known as the Song Hall of Fame .. "L'Amour Est Bleu (Love Is Blue)" by Paul Mauriat.

Ahhh... a nice song from the '60's.  We used to have the LP shown below in the video when I was young.  MMMmmm.  A pretty risque' album cover, I thought at the time.  A nice album cover to study while listening to a beautiful song.

And did you know that this song was originally put out at the Eurovision Song Contest? (entry from Luxembourg, sung with French lyrics).  This is the better known instrumental version from Paul Mauriat and his orchestra, tho, which was a number one hit in the U.S. in early 1968.

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