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Some Quotes of the Day from

"We want a better standard for living creatures. It's as simple as that."

on his decision to ban foie gras from his 100-plus restaurants

"This whole business of homeland security is a farce. These people are no threat whatsoever to the larger society."

of the University of Missouri, referring to Mennonite communities leaving Missouri because their faith prohibits them from having their pictures taken, which is now required for driver's licenses in that state

"The day I'm able to explain to you North Korean thinking is probably the day I've been in this process too long."

— CHRISTOPHER HILL, U.S. chief envoy
after six-nation negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear program stalled once again

Which "look" is best ???

I think Linda wants me to start looking like Dennis Wilson...

But I have the Amish look more in my mind....


My Amish beard is starting to grow in now. Usually I go a few days without shaving, because I can't be bothered... my facial hair grows pretty slowly... and I don't mind a bit of stubble... but after about 4 or 5 days, it starts to look ridiculous, so I end up shaving and starting the cycle all over again. But this time, I'm contemplating going right thru the ridiculous stage, if I can stand it. It's been ridiculous for a few days now... so I've made it to the weekend... depending on what Linda says, I might keep going, or more likely shave by the time Monday rolls around.

I remember I went thru a scary stage back in my first semester at UMass... a short 23 years ago... where I went without shaving for a while, and didn't get a haircut for a long time.... just to see what would happen. But then my girlfriend broke up with me so I got it all cut off short and started putting Bible sayings on the ceiling.

It never really grew into a beard back then, and I don't think it will now. I don't really have it in me. Maybe I'm part American Indian, altho I don't have any evidence of this. Some of my ancestors are from Oklahoma, tho... and further back from the early American frontier around Kentucky, so I suppose it's possible.

This, that, and the other thing

So what's been going on ?

Linda bumped into a Porsche when parking her car today, apparently. She wasn't sure there was actual contact at first... she took a look when she got out, thinking she might have, but didn't see any damage so went on into the store... but when she got back, there was quite an irate Porsche owner waiting for her. Someone had apparently witnessed the contact and called it to the guy's attention. There didn't seem to be much damage, if at all, but the guy got quite out of line and abusive toward Linda... so that's not very nice. They exchanged details... even tho Linda wasn't totally convinced she had caused the damage... but since there were witnesses, she had to accept that she probably had hit the car. The whole thing upset her, tho, as the guy was very abusive and aggressive about the whole thing.

What else has been happening ?

I tried to get my mobile phone company to credit my account for some of the calls we made while in the States. There were a few that apparently didn't go thru at first, showing up as 3 seconds, 4 seconds... but still I was charged the non-EU roaming rate which was like £100 a second. Then there was a call we made to the phone company itself to try to fix a problem with Linda's phone, which I don't think I should have paid for. I also had some issues to discuss relating to the fiasco with internet usage on my phone. It used to be free and now it's very very not free. Grrrrr. Anyway, I did not get no satisfaction, as Sir Mick would say... but I have not yet begun to fight, as John Paul Jones used to say. I shall return as General Macarthur used to say. Elementary penguins singing hare krishna man you should've seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe, as the Walrus used to say.

What else then ?

We recently got broadband for the computer and I set it all up with a wireless network. Of course there were numerous problems before I was done and I cursed the technology gods to hell and started growing my Amish beard.

We went for a nice walk with Meggie the horse and Tess the dog on Sunday... altho the fields were quite muddy. One of these days I can see myself getting stuck in the mud and falling face first into it. It will happen.

We watched a few DVD's this weekend. Walk the Line. The Village. Oh, I changed out the CD player on the PC... which I got posted to me as it's under extended warranty, so that was good. Had some ice cream at the weekend, too, so it wasn't all bad.

End of ramble.


One of the key things the Amish believe in is "Gelassenheit", or submission... People obey the will of God... and wives obey their husbands.

Divorce and depression are virtually unknown.



What would the American word for "slapper" be ? Not sure there is one.

See, that proves that American girls don't dress like slappers (as much as British girls).

Not that I notice these things or allow my mind to linger on it at all.

I wish I was Amish.


Coke Addiction

I really do think I'm psychologically addicted to diet coke.  I need to have one at work on my desk at all times.  It's like a security blanket type thing.

Iced coffee would probably do just as well, or better, but that's harder to come by here in this prison slash hell.


This weekend, I spent most of my time trying to get the computer to work right.   I really, honestly hate computers.  I'm not a big fan of technology in general.  I wish I was Amish.

Please, God, make me Amish.

Random Observations

I'm not much of a writer, or even much of a thinker. I'm more a compiler of things.

I should try harder... at a lot of things.

British people do indeed like to queue...

I used to be a lot more conscious of being American in a non-American place... but after 7 years I guess I'm starting to get used to it.

I can't relate to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

I don't much like Patti Smith, Television, PJ Harvey either. The critical aclaim attracts me but the actual music doesn't do it for me.

I can't understand why Donovan is not more critically aclaimed. And T. Rex.

I could see myself being Amish.

Amish Paradise Lost

This is the sad news from Pennsylvania yesterday  (snippets from a CNN story) :

Monday began like any other school day in Paradise, Pennsylvania, a community in the heavily Amish Lancaster County.  At a small Amish-run school, 26 students -- 11 of them girls -- began their lessons. They ranged in age from 6 to 13, with slightly older girls serving as teacher's aides.

The killer was not Amish, and he chose his victims not because of their beliefs but because they were convenient. There was no security at the schoolhouse -- there is little need for it in Amish communities.

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