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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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Tell Me Why

Another for the list... "Tell Me Why" by Neil Young

So many great songs on that After the Goldrush album. This one is definitely a great one. Leads off the album. Nice and short.

John Brown

Next for my song list of favourites... "John Brown" by Bob Dylan

An early Dylan anti-war protest song, which didn't come out on any of his regular albums, but later he sang it on his MTV unplugged album. Basically about a guy who made his mother proud by going to war, at a terrible cost.

I like to put videos up here, but couldn't find one I liked of Dylan singing this..... so I found a cover version with an interesting video... so at least you get an idea of what the song says and this slightly bizarre, interesting video may be enjoyed.

The band who does this is called the Dick Che Knees ... Dick Cheney, get it? It's quite good actually.

Karma Police

Now, for my song list.... it's.... "Karma Police" by Radiohead

I arrived a bit late to paying any attention to Radiohead. But now they are here with their second song on the list, and recent induction into my "recording artist HoF"


For my Song List...  "U-Mass" by the Pixies

Well, I went to UMass Amherst many many moons ago....  and so did a couple of the Pixies at right about the same time, in fact.

So this song is about UMass...  In the sleepy west of the woody east, lives a valley full of pioneers....

This video is a performance in Massachusetts (but not in the Pioneer Valley where UMass is... this performance is in Lowell, where another UMass is):

More, More, More

Being added to my Song Hall of Fame...  "More, More, More" by Andrea True Connection

Disco era song which was also sampled in the more recent "Steal My Sunshine" of the late '90's.  Andrea True, the singer of this song in the mid '70's was in fact, it turns out, a porn actress.

From Wikipedia: By the time of her singing career, True admitted she was burned out and tired of porn, saying, "I'd rather be a waitress or a typist than make another adult film," and also, "Don't think of me as a porn star anymore, think of me as a recording star. I just want to record and perform."

But she had another go at porn later on when her career failed to take off.

Over 500 songs

My list I've been compiling for the past 10 years or so... slowly but surely...  of my favourite songs (ie my personal "Hall of Fame") has recently passed the 500 mark.  I haven't yet mentioned them all in here yet....  I'm only up to 488 as of this moment, but the full list numbers 503.

Anyway, so I guess I'll keep going, as there's still lots of good songs to include.  Maybe I'll get to 1000 in about another 10 years.

Goings on lately

Just a bit of an update on goings on lately...

Took a day off last week to help Linda babysit the three grandkids.  The first time she'd had all three I think, so she wanted me there to help out.  We went to Dalscone Farm Fun place and had some farm fun.

Then on Saturday we all had a Christmas / Easter dinner over at Jenny and Andy's.  She was in hospital during Christmas so we didn't have a proper dinner get-together then.

We've got a gardner in lately and he cut down all our overgrown bushes.  I think a bit too much, in my opinion.  Now you can see the neighbours' yards.  He's made a right mess so far.   We're hoping he'll tidy it all up before the long weekend coming up.


DRAHoF is back again....  my music artist Hall of Fame list.  And getting added today is Radiohead.

I'm not real big into very many recent bands.  By recent, I mean anything from the mid 1990's on...  Most of my music preferences are in the 1960's and '70's, I guess.  But Radiohead is one of those who have been detected by my radar, and I have a few of their CD's... 3 or 4.  Their music is fairly moody and I'm a fairly moody person, so...


Linda had a Mother's Day visit from Jenny, Andy and the family last weekend...  Here's a picture of us and the three grandkids... Adam, Amelie and Ayla.

New Guinea Pig Hutches

So...  Linda ordered two new guinea pig hutches for our male and our female guinea pigs, which I built up last weekend.  They've been in big cages in the conservatory but are now spending their days and nights out in the back garden.  This'll make the conservatory a bit nicer and less smelly...

Sweet Virginia

For the HoF... "Sweet Virginia" by the Rolling Stones

Another off Exile on Main St.  I like the folky country stuff the Rolling Stones do.  Couldn't find a good video I liked, tho.  So we'll just leave it to your imagination....  but maybe you know the song.

Thank you for your wine California.  Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruit.

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Another for my Song Hall of Fame.... "Rock 'n' Roll High School" by the Ramones

From a film of the same name... which was out on the eve of my own high school days. I think the movie was out in the summer of '79, but I didn't see the film at the time. In summer of '79 I was about to go into 9th grade, I guess. So, that was the last year of Junior High School. Good days back then. I didn't have a clue about the Ramones at the time, tho, I don't think.

Wall of Death and Walking on a Wire

I want to add two songs to my Song List of favourites. Both are from the same album, Shoot Out the Lights from 1982. They are "Wall of Death" and "Walking on a Wire" by Richard and Linda Thompson.

The first is about Marriage and the second is about Divorce.

Simon and Garfunkel and Jesus

I couldn't really find an adequate answer on the internet to my question....   so I asked my Facebook friends:

"I'll ask the multitudes here, as I can't find the answer on the internet: Why does there seem to be a christian theme to much of simon and garfunkel's music when they are from jewish backgrounds? Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen too."

I still didn't get a satisfying answer, but something interesting happened....  Famous record producer Tony Visconti made a comment on my page:

Tony Visconti: Name one Christian theme of S & G.

Darrin Antrobus:  Hi Tony Visconti.... well, Benedictus was a song, sort of a Gregorian Chant. You can tell the world. Sounds of silence has religious undertones.... bridge over troubled water.... Mrs Robinson name checks Jesus. others I think!

So I posted a few songs...

He never replied....

other people replied... and probably the most plausible explanation is, "it sold records"....

But also, folk music is generally spiritual and the '60's were a time of the civil rights movement, love and peace.... so religion and Jesus comes into it.

Simon and Garfunkel

Wow, the last time I "inducted" a music artist or group into DRAHOF (my Recording Artist Hall of Fame) was the end of 2009...  over 7 years ago.

But here I am BACK with another induction... Simon and Garfunkel

Paul Simon is already in it, but obviously Simon and Garfunkel are very deserving.  Some great songs...  As a kid, I got like a 5 album greatest hits thing from a TV offer.  My first wife, F, was a big fan too, so there's that connection.  Part of the soundtrack of my life, so they're in.

But the vexing question that comes to mind about Simon and Garfunkel is....  why is their music, much of it, seemingly inspired by Christianity when Simon and Garfunkel are both jewish?  Dylan too.  I'll try to google it for the answer...

maybe later.

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