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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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Lightning Crashes

Another for my Song Hall of Fame... "Lightning Crashes" by Live

From the Throwing Copper CD which I happen to have, as it got good reviews... and it is very good, in fact. From the early '90's.

This song is about birth and death, the circle of life. Hospitals... Over the years I've been in hospitals mostly because of births (of grandchildren) and deaths (of Linda's parents and Aunt) as well as Linda's recent illness which thankfully did not result in death... The song says something about reincarnation, how one life ends and another begins down the corridor in a hospital.

All My Loving

Another to add.... "All My Loving" by the Beatles

A great little tune, early Beatles... and covered by a lot of people... including the Tijuana Brass, which I used to listen to as a kid.

All the Young Dudes

Now it's.... "All the Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople

Really great song but I generally don't go in for the early '70's gay glam scene, David Bowie and all that. Nothing WRONG with it, but not my thing. So I'm a little put off by that. Don't like it. But I like the music.

The Lady is a Tramp

For my list of fave songs... "The Lady is a Tramp" as performed by Buddy Greco

Normally not a fan of the song but... the way this guy sings it... So cool... and funny, too.


Onward to song 501...

For the Song Hall of Fame... "Rats" by the Kinks

A Dave Davies song. I like quite of few of his, and Ray Davies' as well... but this one joins a few others on the list that were written by Dave.

From Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround, one of my favourite albums. The song's about Rats... the pinstriped kind.

At Home He's a Tourist

For the HoF list of favourite songs... "At Home He's a Tourist" by Gang of Four

Well... this one is my 500th song as it turns out. It's apt for me as I think I tend to overload myself with information, lists, silly hobbies, etc etc. I don't often just relax and watch the grass grow. Try to get things done all the time, when I can, and probably not the right things or most useful things.

The song says...

At home he feels like a tourist
He fills his head with culture
He gives himself an ulcer
Why make yourself so anxious?
You give yourself an ulcer

Happy Birthday Ayla !

Today is Ayla's 4th birthday. We'll be going over to celebrate after work tonight. Suzanne left today back to London. It was nice of her to visit for a few days. We'll see her again in Ontario this summer.

Money (That's What I Want)

Another for the list.... "Money (That's What I Want) performed by the Flying Lizards

Great cover of this great song. Quite my cup of banana.

The Harder They Come

Sit tight and listen keenly while I add for you a brand new musical biscuit to my HoF list... "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff

From the film of the same name. I recorded that film on my own VHS tape back in the old days and so it became part of my video collection I used to have.... I'm always collecting things and making lists, and this song is the type of thing that ends up on those endeavors.

Badge and Strange Brew

Two songs from Cream are being added to my list of favourites... "Badge" and Strange Brew"

Nice, '60's music with Clapton and the others in Cream. Not a huge fan of them but I quite like many of their songs. George Harrison co-wrote Badge... the title of which is from a misreading of "bridge" that Harrison wrote on the sheet of lyrics they were working on together, read by Clapton upside-down. Strange Brew is apparently a rewriting of an old blues song with a nice groove.

Visit from Suzanne

Linda's aunt Suzanne from Canada is coming for a visit this weekend and the next couple days. We'll also be visiting her this summer in Canada, in July.

I'm taking Monday off to help with babysitting duties and visiting, etc.

It's been a quiet couple of weeks at work, as the apprentices have been off for two weeks. Classes start up again on Tuesday, though.

Things We Said Today

Also for the Song HoF... "Things We Said Today" by the Beatles

Written by McCartney in '64 on holiday with (and the song is inspired by) his girlfriend Jane Asher.

Here's how Paul McCartney and Jane Asher broke up after a 5 year relationship and engagement, according to Wikipedia sources:

"In mid-1968, Asher returned to London from an acting assignment in Bristol earlier than expected and caught McCartney in bed with Francie Schwartz. A fan who frequently hung around Paul's Cavendish Avenue home claims to have witnessed the incident, saying "...Paul brought this American girl home...[and a little while later]...another car turned into Cavendish Avenue — it was Jane. She'd come back...earlier than she was supposed to. Jane went into the house. A bit later on she came storming out again and drove away."


On 20 July 1968, Asher announced publicly to the BBC that her engagement to McCartney had been called off, an announcement that shocked many people, including McCartney himself. At the time of Asher's announcement, McCartney was at his father's home with Schwartz by his side. McCartney, who had not been formally broken up with before the announcement, had been publicly dumped on television. Though Schwartz has confirmed that Asher did see them in bed together, she claims that she was not the sole reason for the breakup, and that the couple were on the verge of breaking up prior to Asher walking in. Other people, such as Hunter Davies and Barry Miles, state that the relationship always had major problems, one of those being that McCartney wanted Asher to give up her career after they married, an aspiration of his that Asher would not comply with. Another prevalent problem in the relationship was McCartney's drug use and womanizing. After returning to London from a five-month acting tour of the United States in May 1967, Asher found McCartney to be completely different, confiding in Davies that McCartney had "changed so much. He was on LSD, which I hadn't shared. I was jealous of all the spiritual experiences he'd had with John. There were fifteen people dropping in all day long. The house had changed and was full of stuff I didn't know about."

Since the breakup, Asher has never spoken about her relationship with McCartney."
For the HoF... "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"

Some people think the monkey reference is about heroin (monkey on your back) and some people think it's about Yoko. Maybe it's about both.

Found this picture on the internet which seems appropriate.

Election coming

Well... The Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap general election which will take place in early June. I love elections, so for me it's all good. (BTW, there's a council election coming very soon too)

In my UK parliamentary constituency of Dumfries and Galloway we have a Scottish National Party (SNP) MP right now, so I'm looking for a candidate to vote for who can unseat him. Probably will be Labour, but I wouldn't totally rule out my voting for an appropriate Scottish Conservative and Unionist (Tory) candidate who might have a chance to win. The most important thing is to get the SNP out... Hopefully all anti-SNP people can coalesce around a single SNP-bashing candidate instead of splitting the vote too much between Labour and the Conservatives (or Lib Dems or Greens etc) thus letting the SNP guy keep his seat.

Here are some excerpts from a Scottish Herald newspaper article that just came out, as it mentions my area:

"THE General Election of 2015 in Scotland was one of the most remarkable in British electoral history. In General Elections, a swing of 10 per cent is exceptional; in the “tsunami”, as it was called, the average swing to the SNP was 30 per cent and famously broke the BBC’s swingometer.

Labour lost 40 out of 41 seats, in an extraordinary revolt against the party that had dominated Scottish politics for half a century. The SNP ended up with 56 out of 59 Scottish seats, leaving the Unionist parties with only one apiece. Suddenly it wasn’t only the Tories who had fewer MPs than there are giant pandas in Edinburgh Zoo.

So, the only way is down for Nicola Sturgeon. It is almost inconceivable that the SNP could repeat an election victory on that scale. Even the loss of a handful of seats would allow Theresa May to claim the nationalist tide had turned.


Mrs May seems confident of a Conservative revival in Scotland, but that remains to be seen. The Tories hope to regain “natural” Tory seats like Dumfries and Galloway and East Renfrewshire. However, their peg remains distinctly shoogly in their one and only seat, Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, where the Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, has a majority of only 798. There’s a possibility that, far from a revival, there could be another Tory wipe-out in Scotland, as there was in 1997.

That was a result of tactical voting by Scottish voters, determined to punish the Tories for opposing a Scottish parliament. Many will want to punish this right-wing Brexit Government in similar manner.

The Green co-convenor, Maggie Chapman, has called on her party to stand down in David Mundell’s seat, and others, to ensure a “Tory-free Scotland”.


It would be strangely fitting if, 20 years on, the Conservative ambivalence over devolution were once again to take them back to zero.
Right... It's been a bit over a year since I made my last update. So I spent a little time mulling over it and am making some slight changes.

I have a little rule for myself that the individual rankings can't change by more than two places per year, so here's the list below with the changes noted, up or down since last year. The number after the name is how many songs they have on my current list of 504 HoF songs.

1 Beatles 32
2 Bob Dylan 15
3 Doors 15
4 Beach Boys 22
5 John Lennon 9
6 George Harrison 11
7 Johnny Cash 10
8 The Clash 8
9 Leonard Cohen 8
10 Kinks 11
11 The Ramones 9
12 Neil Young 8
13 Donovan 6
14 Sex Pistols 7
15 Brian Wilson 6
16 T. Rex 5
17 Chuck Berry 1
18 Frank Black 5
19 Elvis Costello 6
20 Rolling Stones 11 (up 2)
21 Nirvana 3 (down 1)
22 Weezer 3 (down 1)
23 Pink Floyd 4
24 Run-DMC 3
25 The Who 6
26 Joni Mitchell 2
27 Bruce Springsteen 2
28 Big Audio Dynamite 2
29 Van Morrison 3
30 Derek and the Dominos 5
31 Abba 3
32 Elvis Presley 3
33 Paul McCartney 6 (up 2)
34 REM 7 (up 2)
35 Public Enemy 1 (down 2)
36 Gang of Four 2 (down 2)
37 Pixies 5
38 Byrds 4
39 The B-52's 2
40 Sly & the Family Stone 2
41 Creedence Clearwater Revival 2
42 Simon & Garfunkel 4
43 James Brown 3
44 Jackson 5 3
45 Jimi Hendrix 3 (up 1)
46 Jerry Lee Lewis 2 (down 1)
47 Michael Jackson 3
48 Led Zeppelin 1
49 Eddie Cochran 1
50 David Bowie 5 (up 2)
51 Robbie Williams 4 (up 2)
52 Ike and Tina Turner 1 (down 2)
53 Janis Joplin 0 (down 2)
54 Richard and Linda Thompson 3
55 Paul Simon 0
56 Talking Heads 2
57 Al Green 2
58 Moby 3
59 Devo 1
60 Prince 1
61 Blondie 0
62 James Taylor 1 (up 1)
63 The Jam 2 (up 2)
64 The Muffs 1 (down 2)
65 Beck 1 (up 1)
66 Marvin Gaye 0 (down 2)
67 Alice Cooper 3
68 Green Day 3 (up 2)
69 Stevie Wonder 0
70 Curtis Mayfield 0 (down 2)
71 Temptations 1
72 Grateful Dead 0
73 Squeeze 2
74 Cat Stevens 3 (up 2)
75 Radiohead 2 (up 2)
76 Steve Miller Band 1 (down 2)
77 NWA 2 (down 2)
78 Rod Stewart 3
79 Neil Diamond 2
80 The Mamas & the Papas 1
81 The Band 2
82 Jimmy Cliff 1
83 Arctic Monkeys 0
84 The Hives 1
85 Isley Brothers 1
86 Harry Nilsson 3
87 Buddy Holly 1
88 Alanis Morissette 3
89 Cheap Trick 1 (up 2)
90 Keith West 1 (down 1)
91 Everly Brothers 0 (down 1)
92 Otis Redding 0
93 Big Star 2 (up 2)
94 Madness 1
95 The Damned 1 (down 2)
96 Shonen Knife 1
97 Cream 2 (new entry)
98 Sweet 1
99 Eric Clapton 1
100 Dead Milkmen 1

Manic Street Preachers fell off the list...

Early Influence List:

1 Hank Williams 4
2 Woody Guthrie 4
3 Frank Sinatra 3
4 Nat King Cole 3
5 Richard Wagner 2
6 Carter Family 0
7 Bill Monroe 1
8 Robert Johnson 1
9 Bing Crosby 1
10 Dean Martin 2
11 Flatt & Scruggs 1
12 Billie Holiday 0
13 Huddie William "Lead Belly" Ledbetter 1
14 Al Jolson 0
15 Slim Whitman 1

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