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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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51 to 70, part 2

... my comparison of someone's opinion (on the internet) based on the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list with where those music artists fit into my own world... they judged by influence, quality, etc etc whereas I judged on importance in my life or musical taste, etc. Here are some more notes:

The ones on their list (51 to 70) who ARE on my list and ranked HIGHER on my list include:

The Kinks (them: 53, me: 10)
Joni Mitchell (them 59, me 26)
REM (them 51, me 34)
The Byrds (55, 38)
Sly & the Family Stone (52, 40)
Simon & Garfunkel (62, 42)
Ike & Tina Turner (60, 52)
Janis Joplin (64, 53)

The ones on their list (51 to 70) who are on my list but LOWER ranked include:

The Band (57, 81)
Eric Clapton (56, 89)

51 to 70, part 1

The music artists in someone's list (on the internet)... top 51 to 70... who are not in my top 100. We MUST KNOW ! Well, here they are:

Jackie Wilson
Bill Haley and the Comets
Carl Perkins
Etta James
Beastie Boys
Tupac Shakur


We had Ayla and Adam around to help us put up the Xmas tree this Saturday. Then on Sunday, Adam had a birthday party with his friends down in Carlisle at a trampoline place. Linda and I went along and looked after Amelie. McDonald's party after. Then Linda and I did a little Xmas shopping in Carlisle...

21 to 50

Here's a continuation of my comparison of someone's opinion (on the internet) based on the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list with where those music artists fit into my own world... It's not exactly apples and apples, tho, as they judged by influence, quality, etc etc whereas I judged on importance in my life or musical taste, etc. Here are some notes:

The ones who are on their list (between 21 and 50) who are NOT on my top 100 list (yet) include:

Bo Diddley
Muddy Waters
Smokey Robinson
Bob Marley
Miles Davis
Black Sabbath
Elton John
Velvet Underground
Roy Orbison

The ones on their list (21 to 50) who ARE on my list and ranked HIGHER on my list include:

The Doors (them: 46, me: 3)
John Lennon (them 33, me 5)
Johnny Cash (them 23, me 7)
The Clash (45, 8)
The Ramones (41, 11)
Neil Young (43, 12)
Nirvana (26, 21)
Pink Floyd (28, 23)
Run-DMC (42, 24)
Public Enemy (37, 35)

The ones on their list (21 to 50) who are on my list but LOWER ranked include:

Bruce Springsteen (21, 27)
Jerry Lee Lewis (38, 46)
David Bowie (29, 50)
Prince (22, 60)
Temptations (44, 71)
Grateful Dead (49, 72)
Everly Brothers (31, 91)
Otis Redding (25, 92)

Wow. Interesting stuff.... ??

Adam turns 7

Time is flying by... Adam turns 7 years old today. Seems just yesterday he was a toddler. Nowadays, he's interested in football (soccer) and he collects trading cards. He plays football on the Xbox too (as well as every Saturday). Whenever I go over to his house, he's always wanting me to try to get a little inflatable football passed him into a "goal" if the hallway.

We'll be having a get-together for him tonight.


poor me

A couple bad things have happened to me lately. Nothing TERRIBLE... just annoying little things.

I lost my fitbit. It had been nearly broken (the band part) but I continued wearing it anyway until one day, it just wasn't there on my wrist anymore. Haven't found it.

I lost this past week in Fantasy NFL Football. No longer am I the top team... I'm tied at 9-3. Playoffs soon.

I backed Linda's car up and hit a parked car. No damage to the other car, but I broke a minor red lower light on Linda's. Can't even figure out when it ever goes on... doesn't even seem to be used.... but anyway, it's broke now. Will probably need to get it fixed at some point before the next MOT.... but it's not urgent right now.

External Inspectors came to do an audit at my workplace yesterday. As it turns out, they never came into my classroom, tho. A bit of a hassle preparing all the same. Not too bad.

Let's see, what else can I complain about... Oh, just learners in my classroom getting on my nerves a bit. Started to lose my cool the other day.

It's been cold.

Oh, I slipped on some ice yesterday morning and fell on my butt. Ouch. At least I didn't bang my head or something.

Fantasy Football News

Here's the NFL fantasy football recap for my team (New Scotland Albatrosses) from last week... I'm now number one in the league. Hoorah.


New Scotland Albatrosses Picks Up Victory over Dumfries Packers, Takes Top Spot in League

Updated: Wednesday November 22, 2017 8:10:27 AM +0000

This week's second- and third-highest-scoring teams met in an epic battle as New Scotland Albatrosses took down Dumfries Packers 226.36 to 215.52. This is the fourth loss in recent years where Dumfries Packers has lost despite a high score. The loss drops Dumfries Packers to 8-3 (3rd place) and ends their three-game winning streak. New Scotland Albatrosses (9-2) is in first place and has the second-highest points per game average at 210.73. Tom Brady (339 Pas Yds, 3 TD) registered 32.56 points and Mark Ingram (134 Rsh Yds, 1 TD) scored 26.50 points, exceeding their projections by 31.1% and 83.0%, respectively. Dumfries Packers was led by Vontaze Burfict (1 Sack, 11 Tack), who put up 41.00 points, and the Seattle Seahawks DEF (28 PA, 1 Sack, 1 Fum), who finished with 27.70. That pair topped their scoring projections by 104.0% and 141.7%, respectively. Although emerging victorious this time, New Scotland Albatrosses has been on the losing end of a similar high-scoring matchup once before, suffering a tough loss against Woodland Wasps in Week 6, 288.00 to 214.18.

Jay Ajayi really deserved more touches for New Scotland Albatrosses, as he put up a whopping 101 total yards on just eight touches.

While the Rams Defense led New Scotland Albatrosses last week with 39.10 points, Brady paved the way this week with 32.56.

New Scotland Albatrosses gets Karlsbad Krackers (8-3, 2,252.64) next week, while Dumfries Packers matches up against Kobe Cyborgs (6-5, 1,949.82).

Eleven to Twenty

A couple days ago, I wrote a few thoughts down about the top ten music artists (someone's opinion based on Cleveland Hall of Fame list) and where they fit into my own world... Here is a continuation of the list (judged by influence, quality, etc etc) and where I consider them to be in my overall list (basically judged on importance in my life or musical taste, etc). Anyway, here is eleven to twenty...

11. Fats Domino - Well, this is another '50's star who doesn't really figure into my top 100.

12. Jimi Hendrix - Yes, he's in at 45 on my list. Linda saw him when she was a girl.

13. The Beach Boys - Very very much part of my world, but much more so since I moved to the UK. Seen Brian Wilson a few times in concert and have at times become a bit obsessed with learning more and buying CD's etc... Beach boys are ranked at number 4 on my list.

14. Sam Cooke - nope. Weird how some people just aren't on my radar as much as others, yet are so highly rated on other lists.

15. The Who - Yeah, I have them at 25. Seen THEM in concert, too, in the late '80's I think. At Foxboro, MA. The Tommy album is one of my faves.

16. Stevie Wonder - Yes, on my radar and have a few CD's. Can't say he's amongst my favourites. At 69th place on my list.

17. Michael Jackson - This is one where my wife influences me a bit, otherwise it's not really my type of music. I find him interesting, and would often choose to watch a show about him, tho. My rank is 47.

18. Madonna - Not in my top 100, but I think updates of my list will probably include her. I like a few of her things. Like a Prayer, for instance.

19. Marvin Gaye - Very much like What's Going On album... but not a lot else from him. He's on my list at 66.

20. Buddy Holly - Like some songs, but not a huge fan of Buddy Holly. He's there on my list at 87.

Another family member

We sadly buried Poppy the guinea pig in the back yard yesterday. We've brought all the guinea pigs in for the winter now. I got the big indoor cages in from the shed yesterday and gave them a big wipe down. They're now all in the conservatory and are joined by Rebecca guinea pig (named by Ayla). Rebecca joins Peppa in the girl cage and Buzz and Woody are in the boy cage. Here's a picture of Peppa and her new little friend Rebecca in front of her.

Poppy GP RIP

One of our girl guinea pigs, Poppy, has died today. Found her at the bottom of the run tonight, not long gone, but no sign of life. I noticed last night she had been a bit underweight compared to the others. In retrospect, I should've brought her in to investigate more.

Three guinea pigs left. They've been outside in the hutches but we've decided that we'll now bring them into the conservatory for the winter. There've been a few cold nights. The other three seem nice and fat. It was just Poppy who seemed to lose a lot of weight recently for some reason. She was about 4 years old.

Top 10 Music Artists in Cleveland's HoF

I was looking at a list someone made ranking all the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees in order (in their opinion) by the Rock Hall criteria of influence, cultural impact, success, depth of career and innovation, among other things.

I was comparing it to my own list of favourites (which only has the criteria of whether they are important to me)... and I have some initial comments about the top ten from their list.

Their list has:

1. Beatles - my list agrees with this. Always been the top of my list.

2. Elvis Presley - he's in my list at 32. Could go higher with time. But a bit too '50's for my general preference.

3. Chuck Berry - 17 with me. Again, great potential to go higher but I really don't have a lot of Chuck Berry's music in my collection. Seen him in concert tho.

4. Bob Dylan - he's number two on my list. Likely to stay there forever.

5. James Brown - 43 on mine. Not a lot in my collection of music, but I do like him and would like to perhaps get some albums (instead of his hits, only).

6. Rolling Stones - Sort of slowly have come around to them over time. 20 on my list. Lots of songs I like from them, so maybe should be ranked higher nowadays.

7. Little Richard - not on my top 100 list at all, but should be. Not in my DRAHoF personal Hall of Fame either, but probably will be eventually. Only know his hits, really. And I prefer more recent music than from the '50's, generally.

8. Aretha Franklin - again, not on my list at all and not in DRAHoF. I have one hits album but can't say I really like many of the songs. Not my thing, I guess.

9. Ray Charles - and again, not my thing. Not on my list of 100 or in DRAHoF. Weird.

10. Led Zeppelin - only 48 on my list. I prefer their folky stuff to the heavy metal type stuff. Not a huge fan of a lot of it. But important, visually, as I used to watch the "Song Remains the Same" film every so often.

Not much to say

It seems a while since I posted, but I have a few moments spare. Work has been busy this semester... eight classes to do, but only two today with a little break in between. It's a busy time getting people ready for assessments and marking the ones that have been done.

This semester I teach Health and Safety to three classes, two are pretty much the same (electrical and welding apprentices) but the third is a bit different (construction apprentices). I do Electrical Installation with two different classes (mostly theory-based classroom stuff for all of these.... What is a circuit breaker, what size cable is appropriate for various design currents, etc, etc), Electrical Technology (generators, renewable energy, electrical transmission, etc), and Engineering Project (planning, communication skills, etc.). It could be worse, I suppose. Just seems busier than normal lately. Would be a lot worse if all eight classes were different, but there's a little repetition.


I seem to have temporarily misplaced my old iphone. The one I use to listen to music with. I'm sure I had it in the car last night, but couldn't find it. I think it'll turn up, but if not.... I won't be happy.

Last night I drove Adam back home to his house as Linda was tutoring and Andy had a parents evening at school. Jenny had somewhere she needed to go. It was nice as I was able to play a few games with Adam and Ayla.... and watch a couple shows with them.

Linda's getting an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week so I'm taking a day off to help out and be with her afterward. That's partly why this week has been hectic, as I'm missing a day next week and needed to get some extra stuff done.


We had the kids over for a little Halloween party yesterday, with snacks and decorations, etc. Linda is good like that, otherwise I probably couldn't be bothered (but it turned out good, so I'm glad she made the effort... I did a lot too... put spiderwebs and balloons up, etc.) I wore a skeleton shirt Linda bought me. Adam dressed as a skeleton too. Ayla was a witch (a good witch) and Amelie wore a "My First Halloween" outfit with pumpkins on it, etc.


It Was a Very Good Year

To be added to my Song Hall of Fame.... "It Was a Very Good Year" by Frank Sinatra

Always liked this song... about aging and different stages of life. Even more so now that I'm getting old. It was released by Sinatra in the year of my birth.... 1965.

Now that Fats Domino is gone...

Interesting fact I read... There are only three surviving inductees from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's inaugural induction back in 1986.

Inducted that first year were: Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmy Yancey, John Hammond, Alan Freed, Sam Phillips.

Still alive are: Don Everly, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

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