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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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This weekend

Just a quick few words on the weekend, whatever comes to mind....

Linda and I took Adam to his football practice Saturday morning at Queen of the South Arena.  Then to lunch at the garden centre.  We bought a bird feeder and stand for the back yard and set it up.  Got a few birds interested and they paid a visit.

Linda and I did the usual and watched a lot of crime documentary shows... while I sort of tried to catch up with cutting articles out of my magazine for my journal.  Way behind as usual.  Doesn't seem to be time anymore for doing useless things.

Sprayed some weedkiller on the front drive.  Did the usual horse things.  Busy busy busy.

We're hoping to go to the States in July....  Massachusetts.... and also to Ontario, Canada.  Turns out my U. S. passport expires soon so I will need to get it renewed.  Website says I should travel on the US one rather than the UK one.  Linda could't find her passport, but eventually found it.

New Semester

Starting a new semester, teaching apprentices.  This time around it's two classes of Principles and Applications of Electronic Devices and Circuits, one of Communications and Pneumatics / Hydraulics again.  I've been doing Health and Safety for civil engineers as well, which goes on for a few more weeks....and Engineering Project.  Next September it all changes a bit, so that'll be interesting...

Country Drive

We did a little country drive today, up to New Galloway.  Found a place for a little soup lunch.  We've both been a bit ill lately but it was good to get out and about.  I took two days holiday Thursday and Friday, to try to get rid of the bug I've had.... Jenny, Andy, Adam, Ayla and Amelie came by earlier today for a bit of a visit before they went to see the Lego Batman movie.  Haven't really seen Amelie all that much lately because I've been ill and wanted to keep my distance.  She's a little over a month old now.  While I was off work on Friday I was able to go to Adam's school assembly where they did a circus thing with all the kids.  He was a hula hooper.


I was pretty sick on Friday...  flu-like symptoms and shivery...  better now, but still not great.  Linda has it worse now....


Fun and Games

Wanted to mention that we had a nice overnight stay by Ayla and Adam.  Went out to dinner at the Swan last night.  This morning we had a pancake breakfast and played various games until they were picked up this afternoon. 


RIP Anne

I've been told an old dorm mate from Umass days has passed away.  Far too young.



We had a nice little pizza party at the weekend to celebrate my birthday over at Jenny and Andy's house.  I got some books about Trump and maps.

Goodbye Puddleduck

Sadly, came home tonight to find our elderly guineapig, Puddleduck, deceased in his house.

They're back home

Wanted to mention that Jenny and new baby Amelie are FINALLY out of the hospital and home as of yesterday.



Holding Amelie for the first time yesterday, below....  Jenny and Amelie are still in the hospital but may be getting out today, hopefully.


Something interesting happened yesterday when mucking out Meggie's stable.  The little hatch cover on her food fun ball had come off somehow so I was taking extra care to look for it while I was sifting thru the bedding (and horse poop)...  I didn't find it... but I did spot a folded up bit of paper, which I first assumed was some little receipt or something.  Picked it up, unfolded it, and it was a ten pound note.  No idea why it was in the bedding of the stable, but I suspect Linda was the original note holder... or maybe it could've possibly come out of my pocket somehow, but my money isn't normally free to wander.  Anyway, glad I found it.

Picture of Amelie

New granddaughter.  Went to visit yesterday evening when she was about 17 hrs old.


Early this morning, our newest granddaughter was born....  Amelie....  nearly 9 lbs.  Jenny and baby are doing fine and we'll go up for a visit this evening.  She was born just a few hours after the end of Jenny's birthday yesterday.

It was a planned c-section, but originally planned for two weeks from now.  Jenny has been in the hospital for 3 weeks or so due to tightening and some bleeding, and the operation was to be brought forward a few weeks to this Thursday... but the discomfort was pretty bad last night so they decided to do the c-section in the middle of the night / early morning.


New Year's Eve

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that we spent New Year's Eve in the maternity ward with Jenny, drinking grape juice at midnight and watching the fireworks from her window at the hospital.  We played games before the bells tolled...  mostly this Harry Potter game we have called Destination Hogwarts.

Hectic Holidays

It's been a weird and very busy, hectic holiday season.  We took the decorations and the tree down today and stuffed it back into the attic....  so that's that.

Jenny has been in the hospital the whole time, over three weeks or so now.  The baby will be delivered this week, tho... it looks like it's now scheduled for Wednesday (it'll be a c-section).

So the Christmas season and New Year's has been not very relaxed, with visits to the hospital, babysitting duties while Andy visits the hospital, taking care of the horse twice a day etc etc etc.  I think I had a few beers one evening but that was about it.  Not much sitting around in the comfort of my own house with a nice beverage, as is what I'm more used to.  Most of the time has been going here and there, and...  hectic.  On edge a bit.

So we'll soon be welcoming a new grandchild and once it's out, and they are back home, hopefully a bit more normalcy will return (for me, at least.  Not sure about Jenny...).  Looking forward to meeting the new arrival, tho

Linda still is not 100% back to normal, either, which has made it all difficult.  She needs more rest instead of all of this running around.  I think we've seen enough of that hospital.  Ready for more sitting around and reading...

Unfortunately, it's back to work for me tomorrow... which brings with it it's own hectic-ness.

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