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I climbed on the back of a giant albatross... and ended up somewhere in Scotland

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Very quick update

Wanted to mention.... last week Linda was hospitalised for two nights as she had a recurring bowel issue....  It was a year ago that she had been in for a week because of it and did an operation to remove part of the bowel.  She's OK now, back home since early this week.

Can't think of what else I wanted to give an update on....  Oh, I'm in the process of trying to get quotes from contractors to fix up our roofline of our house to make it nice and new and uPVC white.  I'm too cheap to commit to paying what they want, tho, so I'm still looking around.

Tooth ache lately.... but conveniently, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.   Maybe they can fix it.  Some of my molars have a pesky habit of getting food stuck between them.  Annoying.

Busy at work lately.


Dead Milkmen

Adding another band to DRAHoF....  my recording artist hall of fame....   and this time it's the Dead Milkmen

They're from the late '80's, early '90's or so... sort of comedy punk.  I have a few of their albums (CDs), which I used to play quite a bit.  Punk Rock Girl was probably their most known song from back then.  They had sufficient influence in my life to be enshrined on my list here....

List of Inductees


Time to add another music artist to DRAHoF (my "hall of fame" list of favourites)....  and today it's NWA.

NWA stands for "Niggaz Wit Attitudes" and are known for shocking lyrics for their time... late '80's, early '90's.  The LA riots in the early '90's were of great interest to me at the time, Rodney King and all that, and I think it was right about then that I became interested in NWA...  The Film "Boyz in the Hood" was around this time... I had previously liked Run-DMC, then Public Enemy (who are both in DRAHof)...  and NWA probably comes in 3rd as far as Rap is concerned.  I like a handful of songs, especially Straight Outta Compton.  Interested in the whole anti-police, black gangster world that their music is about...

Interesting thing happened a few weeks ago... in one of my classes that I teach.  There's a mixed race guy in there and I had mentioned rap music, or somehow the subject came up.... and I said I used to be into Run-DMC when I was young...  He said his favourite rap group was NWA and I said, yeah, I like them too.  Then he asked if I knew what NWA meant?  And I proudly said "Niggaz with attitudes"....  SHOCK ensued in class as I said the word.  Then I explained it's not a bad word, as it's "niggaz" and that's what they like to call each other... not what I would call them, of course.  Then I tried to stop digging.  
I found this map interesting...  Yellow areas are blocks of 1x1km where the resident population is zero.


We've celebrated two consecutive birthdays in the past two days...  Jenny turned 33 and Amelie turned 1.  Linda and I went over to their house both nights and had cake and watched presents being unwrapped.  Amelie seemed to enjoy her gifts quite a bit... a pink dinosaur that moves and talks and plays hide and seek, a doll that they've named Sally, and a big wooden activity block with a Zany Zoo motif.


Xmas recap

Well, we had a nice Xmas meal cooked by Jenny at her house with Andy's parents there as well.  This was Amelie's first Christmas.  She's walking a few steps at a time now, and is a smiling, laughing little baby who's always on the go.  Adam got a telescope from us, but it was a cloudy night so no stars to see.  He also got a cool karaoke machine from his other grandparents.  Ayla got another doll or two for her collection, and they all quite enjoyed a little burger van playset thing one of them got.

Linda got the traditional Chanel No. 5 and too many calendars from me.  She got me a very nice gift...  a booking at Cluanie Inn for our anniversary in April.  It's the place in the Highlands we went for our honeymoon years and years (it'll be 19) ago.  We've been back a few times over the years but not recently.

Today we're travelling up to Glasgow to visit an old neighbour who has moved up there...  Hilda.


Victorious again ...  2nd year in a row....


New Scotland Albatrosses Grinds Out Victory Against Los Angeles San Diegos to Win League Championship

  • Updated: Wednesday December 27, 2017 3:41:08 AM +0000

New Scotland Albatrosses slipped by Los Angeles San Diegos 200.66 to 196.56, improving to 2-0 against Los Angeles San Diegos. Their overall record goes to 12-3, while Los Angeles San Diegos drops to 11-5. New Scotland Albatrosses continues to control the historical series, extending their record to 3-1 against Los Angeles San Diegos. Los Angeles San Diegos isn't an easy win for New Scotland Albatrosses, whose an 18.18-point average margin of victory against Los Angeles San Diegos is less than half of their season-average margin of victory. The Los Angeles Rams DEF (17 PA, 1 Sack, 1 Int) was the determining factor this week, putting up 23.00 points. That's still quite a drop-off from Tom Brady, who earned the top score with 42.78 points the last time these teams met.

Crowell had plenty of opportunities for Los Angeles San Diegos, but could only manage 44 total yards on 13 touches.

New Scotland Albatrosses has a couple of players cooling off at an inopportune time: Telvin Smith and Demario Davis. Since the playoffs have begun, that duo has dropped 42% and 34% below their respective season-to-date scoring averages. Despite the loss, Los Angeles San Diegos had several players performing their best in the playoffs, most notably Devonta Freeman and Cooper Kupp. During the postseason, that combo has averaged 19.00 and 12.47 points, respectively, topping their season-long marks by 70% and 39%. On the other hand, the losers had a pair of players who struggled in the playoff spotlight: Alec Ogletree and Joey Bosa.

New Scotland Albatrosses concluded the regular season in second place with a record of 10-3. They also ranked second in the league with 206.06 points per game. After a bye in the first round of the playoffs, New Scotland Albatrosses beat Dumfries Packers, 241.92 to 181.44, on their trek to a title. Los Angeles San Diegos wrapped up the regular season with a record of 9-4, good for fifth place. In terms of scoring average, they ranked slightly worse (eighth with 193.45). They played in a pair of previous postseason games this year. In their last game, Los Angeles San Diegos defeated Karlsbad Krackers, 208.68 to 188.58. The week before, they stomped The Marchmount Marauders, 221.20 to 150.44.

Adopted GP

I wanted to mention we adopted a guinea pig from a friend.  It was alone after a companion died... so it's joining our two other girls.  The kids have given it the name Ponyta (which is a pokemon name).

Fantasy Football News

from the NFL site:

New Scotland Albatrosses Tops Dumfries Packers to Get Shot at Championship

  • Updated: Tuesday December 19, 2017 4:04:51 PM +0000

New Scotland Albatrosses remains undefeated on the year in two matchups against Dumfries Packers with a 240.92 to 182.44 win. Their overall record goes to 11-3, while Dumfries Packers falls to 9-6. Dumfries Packers is still winless against New Scotland Albatrosses, who pushed their career unbeaten streak to four games. The Los Angeles Rams DEF (7 PA, 7 Sack, 2 Fum) was the team leader this week, putting up 58.00 points. Backed by the incredible game, the Los Angeles Rams D is now the top-ranked fantasy player, contributing 35.64 points per game.

Williams had plenty of opportunities for Dumfries Packers, but could only manage 30 total yards on 10 touches.

For the winners, a couple of players have been getting hot at the right time: Nelson Agholor and Marshawn Lynch. Over the past month, that duo has exceeded their season scoring averages by 67% and 62%, respectively. Conversely, New Scotland Albatrosses has a pair of players trending the opposite way. Telvin Smith and Tom Brady have both fallen well beneath their year-to-date averages recently. Despite the loss, Dumfries Packers had several players performing their best in the playoffs, most notably Michael Thomas and Jamaal Williams. During the postseason, that combo has averaged 20.50 and 14.90 points, respectively, topping their season-long marks by 84% and 77%. On the other hand, the losers had a few players who struggled in the playoff spotlight, including A.J. Green and Jon Bostic.

Next week, the league championship will be decided when New Scotland Albatrosses faces No. 5-seeded Los Angeles San Diegos. Los Angeles San Diegos is in the midst of a six-game winning streak. Dumfries Packers wrapped up the regular season in sixth place with a record of 8-5. From a points per game perspective, they ranked slightly better (third with 196.48). In their only other postseason game of the season, Dumfries Packers walloped Woodland Wasps, 246.04 to 167.86.


Ayla is in a school Christmas play today... I'll miss it, tho, as I'm at work (no learners here this week, so catching up with marking papers).  Anyway, yeah, at St. Andrews nursery she's an angel this year.  Adam also had a part in his play at Calside a couple days ago.  Amelie is very nearly able to walk now.  She goes a few steps sometimes.  She'll be one early next month.

We went with them to a garden centre the other day to see Santa's reindeer and Santa's illuminated dinosaur park.

This weekend I won my semi-final playoff game... so it's on to my fantasy NFL league championship game next weekend.

How did I do it ? Well, I went 10-3 during the season, got a bye in the quarterfinals round and my opponent's quarterback in the semifinal (Carson Wentz) is undergoing surgery. Also, I had a few good players... mostly a good QB, some good defense and a few good running backs.

my best players           starts   pts     ave
Tom Brady, QB               12       310      26
Telvin Smith, LB             10       233      23
Demario Davis, LB         10       220      22
Los Angeles Rams Def    6       200      33
Mark Ingram, RB              9       142     16
Karl Joseph, DB               9       138     15
Jadeveon Clowney, DL  10        129    13
Damon Harrison, DL      11        125    11
Stephen Gostkowski, K 11        117     11
Jordan Howard, RB       11        116     11
NE Patriots Def               4          92     23
Marshawn Lynch, RB      7          85    12
Darron Lee, LB               6          77     13
Jay Ajayi, RB                  9          76       8
Mike Adams, DB             6          72    12
Adrian Amos, DB            3          63    21
Chris Hogan, WR           7          60      9
Rishard Matthews, WR  7          59      8

101 to 150, part 2

... The ones on their list (101 to 150) who ARE on my list of 100:

George Harrison (them: 108, my rank: 6)
Leonard Cohen (138, 9)
ABBA (136, 31)
Jackson 5 (125, 44)
Paul Simon (111, 55)
Blondie (150, 61)
Alice Cooper (135, 67)
Green Day (113, 68)
NWA (130, 77)
Rod Stewart (110, 78)
Mamas & the Papas (126, 80)

101 to 150, part 1

The music artists in the RRHoF that are ranked (by someone on the internet) between 100 and 150... but who are not in my personal top 100 list...

Donna Summer
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Deep Purple
Jefferson Airplane
Four Tops
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
Lou Reed
Hank Ballard
Albert King
Earth Wind and Fire
Jackson Brown
Buddy Guy
Ricky Nelson
Booker T and the MGs
Patti Smith
Four Seasons
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Isaac Hayes
Martha and the Vandellas
Sam & Dave
Clyde McPhatter
Stevie Ray Vaughn
John Lee Hooker
ZZ Top
Lavern Baker
Gene Vincent
Joan Baez
Gladys Knight
Wilson Pickett

71 to 100, part 2

... my comparison of someone's opinion (on the internet) based on the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list with where those music artists fit into my own world... they judged by influence, quality, etc etc whereas I judged on importance in my life or musical taste, etc. Here are some more notes:

The ones on their list (71 to 100) who ARE on my list and ranked HIGHER on my list include:

Elvis Costello (them: 94, me: 19)
Van Morrison (them 71, me 29)
Paul McCartney (them 90, me 33)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (84, 41)
Eddie Cochran (81, 49)
Talking Heads (78, 56)
Al Green (83, 57)
James Taylor (91, 62)
Curtis Mayfield (72, 70)
Isley Btothers (88, 85)

The one on their list (71 to 100) who ARE on my list and ranked LOWER on my list include:

Cream (them: 80, me: 97)

71 to 100, part 1

The music artists in someone's list (on the internet)... top 71 to 100... who are not in my top 100 list at this point in time are:

Fleetwood Mac
Frank Zappa
Pearl Jam
Ruth Browm
Van Halen
Allman Brothers
Tom Petty
Guns n Roses
Bee Gees
Crosby Stills & Nash
Big Joe Turner
Billy Joel
B B King

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